Kevin Samuels Passes Away at 56

Sources and social media has been blazing today after it was reported that self-proclaimed relationship guru, Kevin Samuels passed away.

Although the cause for death has yet to be verified, rumors have been circulating since the story broke. Everything from cardiac arrest to cocaine laced with fetanyl to cancer.

Samuels started out as an image consultant but eventually made his claim to fame with several controversial and often misogynistic posts on YouTube and social media targeting black women…particularly single black women. His posts covered all sorts of topics such as how simgke women over 25 or those with kids are used goods and foolery like that. His lives usually guest starred women with self esteem issues although he would put men on blast from time to time.

What was really disturbing were the flock of men who used his rhetoric to fuel their hatred of women online. The constant blasting of women often made Samuels the target of comedians who would post satire of them using his words against him. Nonetheless, his notoriety will more than likely continue on with plenty of podcasts and social media influencers spewing nonsense and disrespect towards all women but especially black women. It’s the type of nonsense that further divides us as a people against one another.

Most of these guys usually go on to blame feminism for the independence of women despite ignoring the disparities we’ve all caused within our community. And while he had plenty of followers flocking to his toxicity, he had his share of disbelievers & those that have challenged his commentary constantly. While Samuels boasted that women and sometimes men should be accountable for rheir stations in life. He often made women feel guilty for it. Even I have made it no secret that I was not a fan. I always thought that it was more of setback to judge the other side for our shortcomings instead of taking accountability for them.

I’m not one to follow anyone that judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. Even the most disrespected of a it of us deserve a chance and/or should be willing to change…even if filled with animosity.

Still, his death shocked and saddened me and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I hope that whatever the cause of his death be it what’s been rumored or something else… I hope it serves as a reminder that none of us are perfect but are deserving of love and compassion.

Even though his content could be deemed as offensive to many, it often highlighted things that needed to be discussed within the black community such as self awareness and healing to accountability and growth.

While Samuels kept his personal life a very private, it has been noted that he is a divorced father of a daughter about college age. Go figure, a single man giving relationship counseling. What I will say is that I was a fan of several of the topics he discussed. I was a proponent of him when he talked about self-growth and from time to time, I would share tbose things. Although Samuels constantly supported and promoted therapy, some of his posts seemed to foster a disdain for self love, which is usually the result of therapy.

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