Thor Love and Thunder: Teaser Reaction & Film Predictions

So, after watching my own reaction to the new Thor Teaser, I had some more predictions. Click the vid if you haven’t seen it.

1. Where’s Loki??

In my video, I mentioned the lack of Loki as played Tom Hiddleston. While the character has been in every Thor film thus far, he was sadly dispatched of via Thanos in Avengers: Infinity Wars in the 1st act after sacrificing himself. While I missed seeing him here, he doesn’t seem to fit in this storyline. Despite their awesome chemistry on screen, I think we can go a few scenes without him.

First his death was a big part of Thor’s emotional development from depressed to hero. Also, Loki (from another timeline) is busy with his own story in the Loki series. This Loki who albeit has had a different experience and growth as well clips via the TVA of seeing the err of his ways, which caused the death of his mother and father respectively. Loki has grown in his own right in his series. He no longer needs Thor to grow or compete with as he’s done in the past.

Also Thor as we see in the Teaser contemplating retiring as he feels or seems to have done all that he can. With New Asgard rebuilt and world saved. So in this right, he also doesn’t need his older brother to look up to. So to have him here makes 0 sense unless in a cameo or recap. He needs either a new struggle or hurdle to overcome to find himself without the reliance of his bro.

But that being said we do see that Matt Damon has been cast so he may reprise his role as the Loki actor from Ragnorok.

2. Jane’s Return

Last we saw Jane was in part 2 dying from cancer as well as some mystical mojo and in need in Asgardian medical attention. Here we get a glimpse of her in full on Lady Thor getup weilding the now repaired Hammer, Mjölnir with cracks in it presumably from when Hela destroyed it. Films since have explained her absence due to them “breaking up” as well as her being amongst those they were blipped out as a result of “the Snap” but truthfully it was probably due to filming and family responsibilities/conflicts for actress Natalie Portman. Nonetheless, Portman’s transformation to buff diva shows she hit the gym something fiercely. There are several assumptions floating about the internet regarding her return but none which have been confirmed. But I know it has to do something to do with Gorr the God Butcher… which brings me to my next point.

3. The film’s big baddie

Gorr the God Butcher from comic lore is an alien who like most has a yragic backstop. Apparently his family are butchered by you guessed it, gods or a god. So he sets out on a path of vengeance killing gods giving him untold powers. More than likely these are gods from various mythos within the pages of Marvel comics. Since we see a glimpse of Zeus, meaning we’re getting some Greek mythology, I am assuminghe goes head to head with the God Butcher. How ironic they would include another God of thunder?! Gorr will be played by Christian Bale. It would be a safe bet to imagine this is why we see the Guardians to help Thor destroy this new threat alongside other heros like Valkerie, Korg and the aforementioned Jane Foster.

Now we haven’t heard much about what his character will look like suffice a leak of the promotional toy that has been circulating the internet. (Pictured above). But we see he has his black symbiote sword as seen in comics.

4. The soundtrack

Thor Ragnorok had some slapping tunes from Led Zeppelin to AC/DC. So it would only be fair that Taika Waititi would have some dope tracks this time around. The teaser plays out as Guns and Roses’ Sweet Child of Mines streams through every clipped seen. So I am hopeful we will get more dynamic and econic scenes with some bitchin’ tunes to boot. And if the movie is anything like the teaser, then there will be plenty of action and laughs along with the jams.

Until Next Time Kiddies,

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