Morbius: The Vamp Flick With Barely Any Bite

I love vampire movies and lore… obviously, my first book published was about, well vampires. I honestly love all things horror, given the countless stories I’ve written over the years… even if sitting in my drafts or here on this site. You can check them out here… if you like. Second to horror, is my love for comic books… and in recent years the adaptations that followed. I am a big nerd for all of it. So when I heard a few years ago they were making a movie about the Spider-Man villain Morbius, needless to say I was ecstatic.

I was even more thrilled to find out my teenage crush, Jared Leto would be playing the role of the titular character.

Despite pushbacks and postponements mostly due to the pandemic, I finally got the chance to see the trailer. It only enticed me further.

Welp… Sony/Marvel managed to dish out another watered down cash grab. And I say that in the nicest way possible.. I didn’t hate the film in fact I actually enjoyed it.. Still much like the Venom movies that we’ve been subjected to, it seems that Sony didn’t get the memo about rated-R comic book movies and how well they’ve done in theaters.. I’m not sure what it is about Spider-Man villains that they keep getting wrong. Alas here we are.

So far the best villains have been from former Spider-Man flicks. I’m not sure if they were trying to balance humor with horror or action with drama but they dropped the ball yet again, sparing us from what could have been an excellent adaptation. Even Venom: Let There Be Carnage had very bland amounts of carnage.

I mean here we are with a vampire film with very little blood letting or blood drinking in period and it’s supposed to be a lot of both considering it’s a vampire film. I cut the film some slack with this because the plot revolved around Dr. Morbius’ synthetic blood invention. Needless to say, it was why he was one of the smartest and most prolific doctors in this universe.

The problem was that this fake blue blood was really all we saw. Except that scene where homegirl cut her finger. Of course there was slashing, fighting, killing and scenes of violence that were shot well but not what you would expect from a film like this. It’s like the studio purposely did everything to stay PG.

I mean this is Marvel for Pete’s sake.

Marvel!!! They gave us Blade!!

Long before Deadpool showed us you could be bloody and raunchy. Blade gave us an entertaining vamp flick but one that still showed us hey this guy doesn’t wanna drink human blood despite not having packets of it like Morbius. Considering that was pre-MCU, and has cgi that hasn’t aged well. It’s one of my fav Marvel flicks.

Now that’s a way to do a vampire movie based on a comic book character and a film about vampires. I don’t know if the producers skipped this movie and what made that franchise awesome but someone should have taken notes.

I love the cast and crew from Jared Leto to Matt Smith to Tyrese and that other guy who played his partner.

They were amazing and the chemistry they had on screen was good but it wasn’t the storytelling or plot that i had qualms with… it was everything else I wasn’t a fan of. Maybe my hopes and expectations were too high, especially considering with how far some PG movies have come.

I left the theater yearning and expecting more. Again I didn’t hate staring at Leto for nearly 2 hours. I could and can still go back and rewatch this for that reason alone. Hell it was one of the reasons I liked Green Latern… hello Ryan Reynolds in spandex…even glowy, animated spandex!

With them setting up another movie and a potential sequel, I am hoping that maybe the producers will listen to the fans or at the very least watch a vampire film to see what vampires actually do. Regardless I hope they do more than just cash in and go balls deep in… that is if we get a sequel or at the very least a Sinister Six flick.

What did you think about Morbius? Did you think it sucked or is it something you’d sink your teeth into… blue blood and all?

My thoughts:

Wait to stream it online and watch Blade afterwards.

Until Next Time Kiddies,

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