The Ultimate, Amazing Spider-Man Meme, Now a Reality.

Spider-man No Way Home as mentioned in my review shows how you properly adapt a comic book movie. It blends nicely with the cinematic universe and is perfectly sprinkled with some nostalgia that isn’t a cheap cash grab.

But that’s not what im a giddy over. A photo of Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire has been making waves and floating around the internet. It’s quite the spectacle and has made fans happy!

The photo op features the 3 actors pointing at each other in a reference to a still from the 60s cartoon where a villain dressed as Spider-Man. The original picture has become the source of many memes over the social media.

Despite a moment where the 3 Peter Parkers are on screen together in a particular scene, the recently released picture shows that fans and cast are still heavily invested in what’s so far one of the top grossing flicks of all time.

No Way Home is still holding steady at the box office, now in 4th place after holding the lead for quite some time. Considering it’s been two months since the holiday release, that’s pretty impressive. Nowadays, most films have a short life span and with so many films available to stream or folks still apprehensive to go out, it’sa breath of fresh air to see a blockbuster gold strong. As of now, Spider-Man holds a strong 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes and has been well received by critics and both comic buffs as well as MCU fans.

Tom Holland also has another film bringing in some dinero as well that just hit theaters. Uncharted, the video game adaptation exclusively on Playstation. It dethroned the webslinger for top box office spot this weekend.

Spider-man can still be seen in theaters nationwide.

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