Malignant: An Insomniac Review

At first glance I expected this movie to be another haunted, ghost demons or type of horror movie, especially after seeing the trailer a few times. I guess Warner Bros and company didn’t know how to market this flick but I am glad that it got made.

I have seen a lot of the reviews coming down hard on this film but I had to take a step back and rewatch it before I posted my own opinion.

But before I do, here is a spoiler alert y’all.

First off, I don’t care how crazy & scary the trailer looks or what movies it references, this movie is not The Conjuring or Insidious!

In fact it isn’t even Saw or any of the movies you are expecting. While it comes off as such and gives us those vibes that something strange is a foot with our main character Maddie, it goes into a completely different direction. By the third act, the movie goes even further left and steps into action territory… especially the prison/police station scene. The movie isn’t horrible but it isn’t the type of film most would expect to be presented in a nice neat bow. It reminds me of The Evil Dead 2 where you know exactly what the premise will be and shoots straight into bat shit crazy territory. And this movie makes no sense at all if you go in with the expectation of a typical ghost story.

But what makes this movie great and the potential to be a cult classic is that it’s completely out of the box of predictable. In a world of remakes and reboots, Malignant stands out. It’s not the best horror flick but it’s refreshing. It makes me glad that Hollywood took a chance on it… Perhaps it was because James Wan was attached to it. But what gives me hope is that it allows for a film like this can be made without it going into cliche territory.

It has the right amount of campiness that follows quite a spooky & gory start. And if that wasn’t enough to draw you in, it goes even further into madness with the action. From cops getting tossed and slashed to an ending that has you thinking about where the main character might end up after the carnage ensued.

While it may not be worth a movie ticket, it’s definitely worth streaming on HBO Max while available.

My vote:

3 thumbs out of 4.

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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