Things I Missed in The Suicide Squad 2021 Insomniac Review

I figured that since I had more to say and more spoilers to discuss (briefly, I promise)… I would follow up on my video review of 2021’s The Suicide Squad on YouTube.  It is the highly anticipated comic to film adaption from Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn.

As I mentioned in video, I enjoyed this movie. The cast was great even those who were dispatched quite early on. It just felt like such a fun superhero movie even with all the carnage and gore. That being said, a lot of the movie’s great moments were left on my cutting room floor or not mentioned at all

Btw there’s mucho spoilers…

I realized that I didn’t speak much about some the characters in depth. I pretty much forgot about the returning, Col. Rick Flag, played by Joel Kinnaman.

He leads the team once again as he did in the first film. However this go round, he was much more enjoyable. He was more than an exposition tool. The emotion he lacked on screen in the previous installment was swamped in the flick’s need to be “real and gritty”.  But because “The” Suicide Squad is meant to be an action comedy, Col. Flag brings that seriousness that works just enough being that he’s surrounded by nothing but zaniness. His role this time around makes his sacrifice feel earned and less forgettable. Although the film has it’s serious moments, it never takes itself too seriously.

Bloodsport, played by Idris Elba works well as the teams other lead in charge.

Despite the fact that he suffers internally with being in charge, you still takes the lead and guides the team well for the most part. His emotional scenes with his daughter as well as the other characters is displayed without being over the top or cheesy. His delegation is often challenged by John Cena’s Peacemaker. So their bromance/rivalry is something that give a lot of perfectly timed comedy.

Sylvester Stallone as King Shark was cool on screen.

Even though this particular rendition of the character is different than what we’ve seen on The CW’s Flash or Harley Quinn The Animated Series, he was still  enjoyable. I do prefer him the smarter version of the character as played on The CW’s Flash vs being some babbling idiot…lol. But because his carnage was so visceral, having a dumb jock type of persona paid off better here.

I think by letting James Gunn take creative control who is known for being funny, works because we know what kind of film this was going to be right from the start. Also he brings to the surface some likeable characters regardless of how short of screen time they have. He gives us just enough fan service, especially you OG DC fans. Even though some characters coolness and skills compared to their comic origins are greatly reduced while others amplified, the film still works…mostly. I still think we should have been given more of their dopeness.

While in most cases, director creativity is awesome especially when the powers that be don’t shit all over it. We saw this with The Snyder Cut. However, it doesn’t work as in the case with WW1984, where too much is relied on the director wanting to give too much fan service. It often leads to the visuals getting lost in the lack of a plot.

While I loved Will Smith as Deadshot, Both Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller stole the show in the first film. But in the sequel, I enjoyed that the entire film didn’t rest on them especially Quinn as played again by Margot Robbie. Bloodsport and Rat Catcher and Polkadot Man share a lot of this responsibility as leads.

Also, the film sports some serious femme fatale and badassery without it feeling like a feminist move or a social justice wannabe. And again the film didn’t rely too heavily on them nor did make them side show characters such as Whedon’s Justice League. Didn’t matter how little or big of screentime anyone got, they worked it well.

Even though characters like Blackguard and TDK who are dispatched within the first 10 minutes, they still leave an impression. Maybe because they are played by notable actors, Pete Davidson and Nathan Fillion respectively.

The Suicide Squad is full of so many surprises and death scenes that you really don’t know who’ll bite the dust next. There was no ex machina as in the first film. Also their sacrifice doesn’t feel wasted such as Diablo from the first film. His closeness to the rest of the group feels unearned when he sacrifices himself at the end. Although, his death still sucked because he was visually a cool looking character on screen.

In fact, the majority of the characters looked really good on screen. So kudos to the costume and design team from the first flick. But because so many pivotal scenes were shrouded in darkness, we missed out on a lot of what these characters potential could have been.

The Suicide Squad’s ending with Starro, the humongous starfish villain is as much of a CGI fest as The Enchantress, yet the latter failed on screen. She was such a dope character as seen on The CW but here things didn’t pan out so much after the studio made several changes post production.

The Weasel was hilarious but really didn’t really sit with me.

As ruthless as he was made out to be by his backstory, his goofiness and look didn’t make me miss him much in the film following his absence after the opening act.

The rest of The Suicide Squad is just goofy and funny but the violence is so insane that it reminds you of a 80’s action flick. The jungle scene alone gave me Predator vibes with all the blood and carnage. Again, as I mentioned in my original review, it earns its R-rating. No matter how insane and silly the film was.

All in all, I quite enjoyed the suicide squad. And I suggest you give it look see while it’s still on HBO Max.

My vote:

It’s Awesome enough to watch online and in theatres. I give 3 outta 4 thumbs up!

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