Get The Shot or Don’t Work or Anything!

So I was recently called on my day off by my employer that if I didn’t get the Covid vaccine, that I wouldn’t be employed. I mean with me working in a science museum, I wasn’t at all surprised. It was only a matter of time as I was constantly asked about it. At first, I was a bit upset but then I shrugged it off and told them I’d be getting a medical/religious exemption form.

I guess I better start getting back to weeklyservices 😬.

My thing is that despite all the reasons backed up by data that should’ve led to my skepticism and all of the conspiracy theories to boot, and the fact I’m pretty strict about what I put in my body, none of that was/is my true reason. It was my kid that honestly changed my mind about vaccines.

One day during a typical pediatric visit, the doctor came in ready to poke her with several needles. Now I wasn’t crazy about watching them make my baby cry. But they gave me the bullying chat about how getting vaccinated outweighed the risks of not getting it or how she wouldn’t be able to go to school…and yada yada yada. Now I was a good mom or at least tried to be and so I said ok to scheduled shots, I didn’t want my kid exposed to these diseases. I most definitely didn’t want her to get sick or even die.

So I asked them was there anyway I could get the shots one at a time or if there was an individual vaccine for each virus? Especially since she had to get the combined MMR vaccine in one thigh and the DTaP in the other thigh. They informed that because I had government funded Medicaid aka welfare insurance, they would not pay for the next visit or split shots.

I was not only a single mom but a college student. I didn’t have it and well so, I went through with it. Further I had found out on the internet that US docs combined these vaccines as opposed to countries in the UK.

All was well until later that night. She ran a constant fever that nothing seemed to help.

The next evening, I would be in the ER praying that the doctors wouldn’t let my only child die. She had suffered two febrile seizures. Both her heart and breathing had stopped. I later spent the rest of the week in the hospital watching them poke and prod her, trying to figure out why this had happened. All so that they could deny the fact fucking needles did this to my babygirl. She hadn’t even had her 2nd birthday yet and here 6 fucking diseases that she probably wouldn’t get exposed to were going to take my only child away from her.

Didn’t help that it was midterms going on at school. Stressed was an understatement!

And these shots were FDA approved… From there on, she never received another shot as a child from there on. She went through the rest of her childhood without so much as an ear infection. Luckily I was still giving her breast milk and had never given her cow-based formula. This right here was all the proof I needed when this rushed Covid shot came about. I later devoted my attention to my health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adopting a plant based, alkaline diet.

It would seem that others had the same hesitant behavior as I did without the healthy choices I had made. I began taking black seed oil, sea moss and other supplements everyday.

With folks either being silenced on social media or others using foolish tactics along with fear mongering to urge people to get vaccinated. And now the US government is offering $100 to folks if they get the shot. Celebrities are promoting it. I guess the best way to fool people into doing something that they don’t want to do is to give them money or you celebrities or social media influencers to convince them something is good. Did I mention the fear tactics? Such as the idea of vaccine passports and all that jazz.

I’m not Christian but I remember my grandma telling me that there would be a day that in order to work, shop or travel would require the Mark of the “Beast” Well I always thought that they would never do such a thing. That was the thing of dystopian movies not the real, free world.

Well here we are… Who would’ve thought a fairly new, organized religion adapted from Judaism and Wicca would have prophesied any of this?

And now we have more facts so far… And you can search these all up…

They told us a deadly virus was upon us that had a high mortality rate was sweeping the world. Folks were getting admitted into the hospitals and being placed on ventilators. We were told hospitals were overrun. Hell my child was someone who caught it but luckily not hospitalized. Unlike me, she wasn’t doing the alkaline thing. She caught it from my mom who despite being immunocompromised exercised no social distancing. Unlike me and my kid who were introverted hermits save for Zoom. But that’s another story…

Then they told us to wear masks, which I had no issue with. They then said masks didn’t work. This also didn’t bother me. As a black person, I loved the idea of going into an establishment with shades, a wig and a mask on like Set It Off.

So fast forward 1 year… We have a vaccine rushed by several pharma companies, one of which recently involved in an opioid settlement. But nevermind that. We were then bullied into submission that by getting the vaccine, it would stop the spread, prevent us from getting it and keep us all safe. Then that was downgraded to if we did get it, it would lesson the symptoms. We were also told that the vaccinated didn’t need to wear masks.

And then recently, the CDC told us that we all had to wear masks again… Yup the vaccinated as well. But if that wasn’t bad enough, there was a new variant strain that even the vaccinated were at risk of spreading.

Still amid all the promises and data, the shit still wasn’t FDA approved. This is the same government agency that has said certain additives and foods known to cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease were ok for consumption. The same organization that said the same silicone based ingredient used for lubricant is ok to eat. Mind you the people who have fallen victim to those same diseases caused by foods that shouldn’t be consumed in the first place are the ones most subsceptable Covid.

Make it make sense!

I mean what was the point? Also if natural immunity is known to be stronger than artificial immunity given by vaccines to provide the antibodies needed to keep from getting sick, why force those who had beaten Covid to get the shot? Plus if you succumb to any sickness or even death as a result of the vaccine, you will not be entitled to any compensation.

This usually isn’t the case with other vaccines. There have been billions of dollars shelled out to victims of vaccines that have been readily available and administered for years that were FDA approved.

So why not promote foods and herbs as well as active lifestyles that could help thwart any illness and threats to the American public or any other developed nation?

Why is it that the most unhealthy nation on the planet yet the richest put the people’s beat interest forward instead of pushing agendas that line the pockets of big pharma?

I already have seen how so much as reposting facts that disprove the bullshit and lies we’ve been fed results in shadow-banning and even deletion on social media. But still no one in a position of power will be straightforward. And that they only people who have fought for our freedom have been “racist” right-wingers. I mean we even villainized the previous president who I did not care for but still I saw just how much it was easy to use as the fall guy. I won’t lie, you made it easy to do so. But that’s what you get when you get a guy from New York…. we all know that New Yorkers have no filter.

So what do we do?

Fall in line like sheep? Wait for the best while the storm passes over? Or ignore everything and everyone?

I don’t have the answers. All I can say is do your research and make the best informed decision that you can. Don’t trust either side, liberal or conservative. Be a free thinker…

Make your own choices and decisions. If you decide to get the vaccine… good for you if you decide to adopt a plant-based alkaline diet such as the one promoted by the late, Dr. Sebi… good for you. I just asked that you again do your research and think for yourself. Make the best decision for you and your family that will keep you and everyone else around you safe.

I pray we all get through this and get back to whatever sense of normalcy that we had. But I also pray that we all make the choice to live healthier lives… Not just for the sake of this pandemic but for all of our days left on this planet! Regardless of what you do, just don’t be stupid!

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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