A Quiet Place Part 2: An Insomnia Review

After being postponed several times in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we finally were graced with the highly anticipated follow up to the 2018 horror film A Quiet Place directed by The Office alum, John Krasinski. Did it hold up to its predecessor or did it fizzle quietly amid the slew of other disappointing horror sequels?

Read more below to find out. No worries… Even though this review was delayed, I will keep this review spoiler free.

A Quiet Place starts off in a relatively small town, the same town that we last saw in ruins in the first film. The movie begins with John Krasinski, the loving father, Lee Abbott making his way to his son’s baseball game where the whole town including his family are attending. We are introduced to a new character played by Killian Murphy as well as other town’s folk. It is shortly after this that we realize this is not a prequel as I originally thought based off of the trailer. The disaster of the blind aliens land on Earth via meteorites and quickly wreak havoc. The film does great setting up the first film and how the dystopian setting came to be but we are spared a lot of exposition, which we see only a little of later on in the film. We then fast-forward to the aftermath of the events at the end of the first film. Lee’s wife, Evelyn played by Krasinski’s real wife, British actress Emily Blunt tries to find a new safe haven along with her two kids and newborn baby.

Although they managed to survive the deadly events of the first film by outsmarting and killing the aliens in the first film, they take their chances braving the landscape of what appears to be upstate New York and the remaining aliens waiting to ponce on any unsuspecting victim who mistakenly makes any type of noise. A Quiet Place 2 is chocked full of more action and effects and assuming from the bigger budget. It gives us a bigger cast ala victims on screen. I’m not sure if it was the high of going to the movie theatre, getting out of the house or just the fact that the last movie I saw in theatres was a bit of a letdown but I really enjoyed this film. The film debuted this weekend with a lovely $57 million debut, more than its predecessor showing folks were not only less afraid of going out, ironically much like its characters but ready to offer up some jump scares for horror fans.

Despite a stellar opening scene preview, Spiral, the latest entry in the Saw franchise didn’t hold up to the silent but deadly horror flick.

Aside from scaring up dollars at the box office, A Quiet Place 2 gave us some decent jump scares as well without heavily relying on them. And that’s where this film succeeds most, it gives us feelings of hope and dread almost simultaneously and scares you without grossing you out especially where you least expect it. And as expected, it sets up the presumed next entry and ties up the few loose ends of the first Quiet Place. This movie is intense despite being very quiet on certain scenes. You could even hear things going on just barely outside of the auditorium walls not to mention the sound of me crunching on my nachos. But this kind of tension is dope because imagine being quiet or even deaf much like the main character Regan played by returning actress Millicent Simmonds. I enjoyed how her scenes are quiet and as a young actress who is deaf in real life, we get a sense of calm that although pushes us to the edge of out seats, it’s what I enjoyed from the first film… especially the abandoned train scene.

The film expands its story while giving us the answer to the question of the origin of the alien monsters. We see them wreak havoc within the first act and how things went to hell. Fast forward to the aftermath of the Abbott family seeking refuge. While the opening scenes introduce new characters, the second act brings us a new patriarchal figure, Emmett played by Irish actor Killian Murphy.

Murphy, a horror film alum comes off as a selfish kind of guy but soon redeems himself especially when he sees just how resilient and resourceful the Abbott family is. He in turn opens his factory turned shelter to them, as well as helping Regan on a quest after she makes a shocking discovery that could save her family and the rest of the world. He sacrifices his own safety to help them and even discover new ways to halt the monsters as well as new obstacles and threats. It is here when we see just how much of Regan’s father’s hope resides in her giving new meaning to his final scene in the first film.

While A Quiet Place 2 lives up to much of the hype, it leaves us with more unanswered questions and the possibility of a third film.

A Quiet Place 2 was a great horror addition and I look forward to seeing more of John Krasinski in front of and behind the camera.

My vote: It’s Awesome

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