CW’s Superman and Lois: An Insomniac Review

So I had the opportunity to check out the pilot of CW’s latest addition to the DC Arrowverse, Superman and Lois. It follows the life of the world’s most famous journalist and DC’s All-American superhero. With Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman and Bitsie Tulloch as award-winning journalist Lois Lane, Superman and Lois wasn’t really anything that was I expecting at least from the CW.

Much like Smallville, we see the complexity of the titular hero’s alter ego, Clark Kent… But with his actual superhero get up.

Now the adult father of 2 twin boys, Clark like most heroes struggles with balancing his hero life with that if his home life. This retelling of the story shows more than Clark struggling with his identity with co-workers and friends but his sons. It’s this sort of realism not seen often in most adaptations save for the aforementioned Smallville, which starred Tom Welling as the Man of Steel.

Unlike most CW shows save for Stargirl, Superman and Lois appears to have much better effects and a more grown up appeal to it. It’s not as dark as Arrow nor is it as PG as the other shows in the Arrowverse, which made viewing it more entertaining.

I enjoyed the realism of the show such as the modernization of the US and it’s effect on small towns, especially as we see the currency climate of Smallville’s decline. As bigger cities such as Metropolis thrive through capitalism and corporate takeovers, we see that small town like Smallville suffer in the process. Things such as layoffs at the Daily Planet as newspapers become more obsolete due to digital/internet technology or plant shutdowns in Smallville that lead to small mom and pop businesses going under, we see how things in classic renditions of Superman adaptations become relics… And it is here that we see this is more than some word for word reboot.

One part in particular is when Lois’s dad references Clark find a phonebooth to change in as now phonebooths are a thing of the past in the age of cellphones.

The show also draws more on Clark/Kal-El’s humanity even though we know he’s an alien. At his core, he’s aware of his Kryptonian heritage but despite that he was still raised here on Earth and as an adult he has earthly problems. I personally like how the show pays homage to Clark’s father Jonathan’s influence as a father as he struggles as a father himself. Judging from the hour+ pilot, I can tell that Superman and Lois has the making of a great show. This was an aspect that was heavy in the plot of Smallville.

You’ll also notice how we see the evolution of the infamous Super suit. From the bright blue and red undies reminiscent of the classic cartoons or the George Reeves and Christopher Reeve’s adaption.

To a darker blue suit more common to what we see Henry Cavill and Melissa Benoit’s Supergirl wearing in the newer outings.

It’s the perfect fan service to those of us who wanted (but we’re let down) to see Tom Welling finally sport after 10 seasons.

Superman and Lois airs on the CW, Tuesdays at 9pm ET.

Kudos CW and DC for stepping up and improving on a timeless classic.

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