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So my latest video was one the latest edition to my Fucktivity in The News & Social Media. Similar to SNL’s Weekend Update, this is where I briefly discuss some of the most talked about and often times ridiculous, viral topics trending on the internet. The most recent Fucktivity in the News & Social Media introduces us to Tessica Brown, the woman who inadvertently used Gorilla Glue after running out of Got2beGlue spray. If you haven’t seen this most recent episode, click on over to my YouTube channel and come back here to read my recent take on this stories as details continue to unfold.

This news show, which can be found on my YouTube channel is has sporadic episodes but the stuff I talk about tends to be the talk of the town for days to come. This particular episode was so insane, it is also the recipient of my Dumbass of the Day award… and the first of 2021.

I almost talked about Lil Uzi Vert and that dumbass diamond on his head but then this story popped on my lap. At first it made me chuckle at its idiocy but then it made me worried because you can tell she was genuinely afraid. From all over, folks were commenting their concern and tips to help save her hair. Now it seems I really am irked about the whole ordeal.


Well, because this has got to be the dumbest thing one could do to themselves all in the name of vanity. I’ve seen a lot of absurdities people do in the name of trying to look good but this one needed another discussion. While some are tired of hearing about it, which also includes me it was when I was finalizing I had to speak more on it. It’s not bad enough that we as black women get a bad wrap when it comes to our hair or the things all women subject ourselves to for vanity. From packing on makeup to insane plastic surgeries, often there are no lengths some of us won’t stoop to.

I stopped chemically straightening my hair years ago and though I do wear weaves, I still take care of my natural hair. It’s sad that we have been taught to not only hate our hair but feel less pretty because of it. Gladly in recent years we have seen a surge of natural hair care and styles. Movies and TV shows have shown us with less straighten styles for more coiled, natural ones. It’s helped me to embrace my own self more and feel beautiful regardless of what style I wear.

But what really pissed me off about this particular story was the fact that this woman, Tessica Brown went from searching social media for help to actually hiring a lawyer to sue Gorilla Glue! That’s right, she has staked a claim that the label on the can of the world’s strongest adhesive spray was misleading because it states it is multi-use. Only in America can a person do something idiotic and be anything but accountable. That’s right. A woman glues her hair to her head and the manufacturer is liable. Sources say she is suing for at least $10k. She did the most trying to slay her hair and getting laid and slayed that she pretty much injured herself in the process.

Crazy, right?

Now despite the situation, I feel bad as she seems to have suffered a great deal. I can’t imagine her pain and I sincerely hopes she heals from this whole thing. As of today, she finally managed to removed the ponytail after sister was able to soften the extension and cut it. Although she has made progress since posting her story, which went viral, her scalp and hair remain still stuck, for lack of a better word.

But at the end of the day, I hope she uses this as a lesson learned and not a means for a come up at the expense of someone else. I pray for her full recovery and hope she heals.

Until Next time kiddies,

Be Awesome, Be You, But Above All Else… Love Yourself


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