Fucktivity in the News & Social Media: Twerking on Tables (a b*tch blog)

Did you check out the latest viral fucktivity?? If not the Dumbass of the Day award goes to the patrons and owner of True Kitchen in Dallas.

So last week a restaurant manager was recorded after he yelled at some female customers after they were caught Twerking.

And on the furniture…

Honestly I think the way he cussed and approached his paying customers was horrendous…

That being said, I can’t say I blame him all of the way because there is a time and place for everything. Who Twerks on furniture at a restaurant? And it doesn’t matter if it’s Morton’s or McDonald’s… You just don’t do certain shit!

Although they played turn-up music accustomed to twerking doesn’t excuse it. I myself teach a twerk class and yet I do not go Twerking any and everywhere. I also don’t go “busting” shots in the air when I hear music that talks about guns.

Folks we need to be accountable for our actions… Bottom line! And us as women need to learn that because a man proceeds to correct us doesn’t mean that person is sexist or a misogynist.

And again, as a business owner claiming to want to provide a certain atmosphere… I am unsure how he thought to accomplish such when the DJ played “Throw that ass in circle” but this is no excuse. Where is the home training? Who raised these people?

As an adult black woman, we already have the cards line up against us. So it is even moreso important to be aware and conscious of how we conduct ourselves in public. No you don’t have to be a prude but damn…

Anyways, check out my video:

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