Carry On My Wayward Son, A Final Good Bye to the Winchester Brothers

So, it’s been 15 years and what can I say… God, no Chuck, well actually Eric Kripke wrote one heck of a show. It began with two brothers and well it ended that way. I often wonder how it lasted so long or how Kripke pitched it to the WB over a decade ago but alas over 300+ episodes later, here we are.

I watched the final episode with my daughter and man did the tears flow. But looking at this final season during a pandemic no less, I say it gave us a fairly good send off.

That being said…. Major Spoiler Alert.

Minus 1 horrible grey wig.

But all in all this tale was one of a hero or heroes if you will. Finding their way by way of hunting things, saving people… The Family Business.

Looking back on the pilot, which I was immediately hooked on, followed a boy looking for his dad yet struggling to find not only purpose but his approval. Now honestly I’m glad the show surpassed that premise because it surely wouldn’t have lasted this long. And with the dispatching dear ol dad, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan after a season long search, we knew that this was more than some find and rescue concept.

Supernatural his head is share of ups and downs through the years. We’ve seen it’s ratings at an all-time high and an all-time low, especially with one particular season airing on Friday evenings, which if you watch TV as much as I do you know that that is a nail in the coffin for any network show. This show pick their interest and poked fun at our fears as well as irritated us at times (see the season with the Leviathan or the one where Sam was a soulless asshat).

Despite it’s shortcomings, this show created a fandom to which I’ve made several amazing friends across the globe. And I’m glad it stayed around for as long as it did. Originally the creators wanted this to be a five season show with the big bad being Lucifer but what ended up happening was something entirely different with God being the big bad.

Supernatural crossed many lines and barriers, including an animated episode crossover with Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc gang to a musical to a fourth wall breaking parody episode to my all time fav Changing Channels. To say this show was epic is an understatement. Much like friends and so many other shows I’ve come to love over the years, I’m glad that it ended on a high note. It’s nothing worse than watching your favorite characters fizzle out and become tired and boring to watch. However supernatural refuse to do just that. So many times we’ve heard the cast and crew think the fans for keeping the show a float and as a major fan from day one I felt that.

While the Indian wasn’t completely what I expected I’m glad it did a great fan service to all of us by bringing back some beloved supporting characters and not feeding into the hype and fanfic idiocy **cough** queerbait **cough**. Now I’m one for inclusion but I had to laugh when some folks hinted at some unrequited love between Castiel and Dean.

I’m also glad that we didn’t see his death cheapened by a pointless resurrection at the tail end. Hate me if you will but I saw Castiel as a foster father or big brother that stepped in after the boys lost their father followed by Bobby. While he wasn’t human, we saw his character arch turned from this awkward being to this person who not only witnessed the human complexity of love but actually experienced it.

This is what made the show shine. It took these kinds of characters and made them real. From Lucifer to Crowley the crossroads demon himself to the host of other demons, vampires and spooky creatures, we feared but came to actually adore them.

But what kept me hooked wasn’t the monster of the week, it was the bond these two brothers had. Constantly saving each other and making sacrifice after sacrifice, it was this glue that made the show great. Honestly I’m glad that the show ended with the same premise that it began with… It started with two boys and ended with two men. After years of hunting and being on the road they finally got that happy ending they truly deserved albeit in heaven but still happy.

Originally I was going to go live after the series finale but given that I did so for the season finale last week, I thought it would be a good taste to talk about the conclusion of this show in the same way that I talked about its beginning… Right here with my keyboard writing about it.

This final season even though it was interrupted by the pandemic and so much other stuff that 2020 had to offer us, was a great fan service. Not because it fulfilled the ridiculous desires of some far-fetched fans (thank Chuck) but because it did a call back to a lot of other side characters we came to love if even for a brief moment in time. While some complained that Dean died in a rather shitty way this go round we have to remember back in the season 5 conclusion, Dean already had that shot at a happy normal ending with Sam dying instead and him living the family life. Yet it was here Sam got the life he always wanted and left the life of hunting like he originally planned to.

Cue in the water works…

In conclusion, I wish nothing but the best to all the cast and crew and I thank them for a wonderful show and for teaching me the meaning of family.

Some folks thought it was ridiculous of me to follow a show so religiously (no pun intended) but my fellow fans understand. My only question is now what to do with my Thursday nights, I guess I’ll get back to that pole Dance fitness class I’ve been claiming to get back to.

Until Next Time Kiddies,

Shalom and to all of my SPN family…

Carry On My Wayward Son.

Until Next time kiddies,

Be Awesome, Be You, But Above All Else… Love Yourself


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