The Single Chronicles Sn.3 Ep.4 (the one about stalkers)

Being that we are coming off of spooky season, I decided to talk about creep ass folks who stalk and harass you. Now this episode as I mentioned in the video was inspired by someone harassing me about abortion, President Trump and conservative politics.

The conversation went from facebook to instagram to him blowing up my phone to get his point across.

Yeah… I got called out my name and all of that. The Fucktivity was real.

While I respect anyone who is firm in their beliefs, I do not condone harassment or shoving personal beliefs onto others. There’s nothing wrong with being opinionated but there’s a fine line between that and being a self righteous asshole.

I don’t care what the topic is.

Although I am passive in nature, I refuse to be bullied. And so thus you have episode 4!

In terms of dating, I don’t have a problem with people who are afraid to approach me but that does not give you the right to pursue or stalk me. That shit is creepy and while I may like fun at it, there are a lot of people who do it and worse think there’s nothing wrong with it.

While someone stalking you like Michael Myers is a bit extreme, there are people that really lurk about and stalk you.. doesn’t matter if it’s online or in person. Sadly the internet had made it easier to do so undetected. It’s really scary.

It’s even worse when you’re famous, which I’m glad I don’t have that problem. (Yet lol)

Further, many women are pursued relentlessly by men who think it’s cool. Maybe it’s toxic masculinity that gives men the ok to think a woman has it coming or is vulnerable or something. Sadly some men feel that respecting a woman’s boundaries is too complicated.

Either way the shit is annoying.

That being said, ladies be careful and aware of your surroundings.

Be like Laurie Strode… Peep the assholes lurking about and be armed if you have to be.

Oh and ladies, you’re not off the hook either. If you’re dating or have dated a man, don’t stalk him. I’m not talking about those sideline background checks to ensure he’s not a psycho. I mean those instances where women who are scorned that they do not allow themselves the necessary time and space to heal.

Please don’t waste the energy you could put into healing by remaining latched onto a guy who gives not fucks about you.

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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