Hubie Halloween: An Insomniac Review

So it appears that Adam Sandler has made a return to Netflix with his new comedy, Hubie Halloween.

He stars as the titular character, a loser-type who is the self appointed volunteer Halloween helper and safety monitor in the town of Salem, Mass. Although he prides himself as the keeper of safety in Salem, he’s pretty much jumpy and afraid of everything. He even shrieks at his own creepy decorations, courtesy of his mother.

Fun tidbit, the film not only takes place in Salem, Massachusetts but it was filmed there. Despite this flick’s shortcomings, it does feature a few factual tidbits of Salem’s lore surrounding the historical witch trials and history and the present day things such as the city’s high school’s mascot, which is a witch.

Hubie Halloween is chocked full of callbacks to not only Sandler’s past comedic projects but several horror movie tropes, Easter eggs referencing cult Halloween films, songs and traditions. Sandler fans and SNL fans alike will also enjoy this as its full of several notable cast members from the sketch comedy titan and several of his own films. From Kenan Thompson, Rob Schneider, Maya Rudolph, Tim Meadows to Steve Buscemi and Kevin James and Julie Bowen.

This is not a horror film despite being a Halloween movie and it doesn’t try to be. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t tell a spooky story either it has a mystery tied within the plot, it is strictly a comedy. Whether or not you actually funny depends on its viewer. Those expecting a comedic genius or something original may be let down as it has a lot of the same stuff we would expect from a Sandler film and it is there that it loses its chance to be original. I gave a chance out of sheer boredom but this film still deserves a looksee especially since it’s October… not to mention most of us are stuck in doors amid the quarantine.

So… what else have you got to lose?

This film is purely a guilty pleasure meant to take us away from politics, pandemics and all the other crap 2020 has dished out so far. I watched this while doing my hair on a Friday night and well, I knew exactly what to expect. I didn’t have these high hopes for cinematic gold. That being said, it is funny mostly and a fun family flick for October despite being literally every Sandler comedy you have seen …like ever! Take away the Halloween mystery plot an you basically have Little Nicky mixed with Waterboy. So you are welcome Sandler fans. However that much aside and on a cool note it features a heartfelt tribute to the late Cameron Boyce, whose role was played by actor Karan Bar.

Hubie Halloween is available to stream on Netflix.

I give it 2.5 thumbs up out of 4!

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