The Batman: Trailer Reaction

So I also did a trailer review for The Batman, which comes out next year. It aired on the DC Fandome. While I didn’t speak much about it in the video, there were several Easter eggs, including those revealing The Riddler, Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon.

It looks like it’ll be a different take on the caped crusader with us seeing him in this detective crime noir type setting. I peeped a greeting card with an owl and I’m unsure if this will tie in The Court of Owls.

It’s still dark as we have been used to seeing Batman, which is a relief that they won’t be doing the campy or goofy. It may even be real world like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series. Even the Riddler isn’t decked in his traditional green outfit.

While I’m stoked, I’m ready for DC to shine a light on some other characters but this film looks dope. However, this Batman looks badass. He even has a new costume, with this one similar to riot gear but with his signature Bat on his chest.

I didn’t see the Penguin but I’m sure we will get footage as filming wraps up. There were some Easter eggs hinting at other villains to come in future sequels.

I really like the tune they used, Nirvana’s Something in the Way. It looks like this will not be connected to the DCEU Batman with Affleck but instead the year 2 Batman. Even Catwoman’s outfit doesn’t appear to be leather or any other familiar rendition such as those we’ve seen on film or in shows.

I’m really ready to see this & the other films DC talked about this weekend.

But what did you think? Are you ready for another Dark Caped Crusader?

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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