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So recently I came across a non-profit page on Instagram, the Child Rescue Coalition.

It came by way of a saddening video regarding Child predators. And so it plagued me to focus my activism on our kids. Why? Because these perverts not only need to be beat within an inch of life, stoned or simply shot. Sadly, while my form of justice is frown upon in bit the US… These pieces of shit are at least deserving of the Red Forman award of being dumbasses.

The video that grinded my gears and brought the site to my attention was that of Blake Lively. She gave such an emotional speech at the Variety’s Power of Women Award Ceremony, that you could see her nervousness as a mother. The pain so apparent in her voice, she shook. It wasn’t as easy to watch but worth the attention of you could stomach through her words.

Now while I am all for the environment, race and gender issues, protecting kids is actually really important to me. Despite the little shits having the tendency to become hell raisers or the fact they literally drain the money from your pockets, they are still the amazing gift ever. Being a parent, to me has been so rewarding. And for lack of a better word, our kids innocent and should be protecting them. Because sadly, they often fall prey to perverts and weirdos out here.

Nowadays, we have been stuck indoors having to use the internet to keep us preoccupied from the pandemic going on outside. So for us normal folks we grab hold of electronic devices to stay informed, entertained and pretty much educated. Well these sick asses logon in order to use this as an opportunity to groom or maneuver their ways into accessing children. They like to isolate and garner a kid’s trust by lowering whatever guard that kid may have. And now that our kids much like us are online more and more, it’s open season.

These pedo pricks are some fucked up people out here and they will do whatever it takes. Not all pervs seek out actual kids and are aware and very much afraid of the consequences of being so bold. These types tend to settle for watching kiddie porn, which isn’t better and has its own hefty price to pay.

Like what can be enticing about a kid or even worse a baby? Seriously?

It makes me wonder about the criminal justice system or better the mental health system that has in the past punished a drug dealer worse than a child abuser or predator.

They’ve even tried to sneak their shitty agenda within the LGBT community, which for the most part ain’t having it. We’ve seen in the past that the thought of avoiding a scandal has been easier than facing the music. I mean who wants that kind of blemish on an organization? As if the embarrassment of such is worse than the crime itself. I mean look at the Catholic church whose hidden years of pedophilia and child abuse.

Even marrying off little girls to men twice their age is like a thing embedded into culture. Don’t believe me, try watching one of the classic Disney stories. Several of your beloved princesses are mostly underage girls “in love” with Prince Charmings twice their age. Um, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, etc… the twisted list goes on. And I know the stories are inspired from various authors and not the actual products of Disney… but still it’s fucked up when you think about it. Like WTF?!

But I won’t bother going into semantics or history because we all know that this shit has continued for far too long. Especially within the elitist money circles of the world. I’m guessing they can afford to keep their dirty secret…well a secret! Gladly today’s #metoo movement has brought a lot of these criminals to justice.

Speaking of secrets of the rich and famous…

**cough** Epstein **cough**

Another video that caught my eye online was from that of British comedian, Ricky Gervais. His award show speech took well deserved stabs at pedophiles in the industry. It wasn’t as tough to watch as Blake Lively’s but it was rather entertaining seeing Hollywood’s elite squirm in their seats.

When will this shit come to an end? Like why is human trafficking a thing in 2020? There have been protests and so much more but I don’t even know if it does any good sometimes. Yet it doesn’t mean I won’t do my part to try and help bring awareness.

You may ask why do I care or if this something that hit close to home for me? Well I wasn’t a victim per se but someone close to me was.

One evening while conducting business for my former car service company, Philly Designated Drivers, I came across a fare from a girl who was about 16, not much older than my daughter at the time. This young girl was a prostitute. I tried to persuade her not to inside her destination of this shitty hotel. Because I knew it meant that she only serving herself to some perverted asshole. But I couldn’t stop her. I felt even more worse when she said her parents had just kicked her out and of course this was only way she thought she could support herself and her toddler son.

The shit broke my heart in pieces and I could never forgive myself for not doing more. I asked her if I could help get her somewhere safe or call the cops but she insisted me not to. And despite the hotel where she “worked” being raided that very night by the cops, I could not help but feel that I still failed that girl. I went home damn near in tears and hugged my daughter tight.

I could never imagine kicking my kid out onto the streets and feeding her to the wolves.

From then on I promised to not only do more to bring awareness but I went to become an activist against human trafficking for a local shelter for runaway kids. They did what they could to help shut down sites like, which was a win for us. And so I continued donating time and money as well as educating myself as much as possible about this cause. I still feel it’s not enough but I still keep pushing.

It all sickens me to my stomach as a rape survivor and a parent. And it’s often not just random johns looking to get laid and fulfill their sick twisted fantasy. Often times, it’s someone close to home like a relative or significant other waiting for the perfect time to strike. Trust me, I have heard my share of horror stories. Which brings me to my next point…

Ladies, you have to be careful who you allow around your kids. Especially unwed, single moms. Trust me I know it’s hard enough letting a man into your life but it’s best to be alone or work things out with the father until your kid is old enough to tell you if your so called partner is hurting them. But I know the the idea of loneliness often forced naive folks into these kinds situations. Other times some women don’t care.

Unfortunately, it is easier said than done but you have to do whatever you can to keep your kid safe. These assholes will do everything to keep their twisted secret safe and often threaten kids into not telling. You just have to be mindful mostly because it’s often impossible to see a person’s true nature. Some of these fucks are slick as shit.

I can’t fathom how or why some parents even sell their kids to these perverts like Epstein or R. Kelly for money. Like what the fuck? I’d rather be knee deep in debt with a 120 FICO score before I use my kid as a financial way out. But these toxic parents do exist making it harder to catch criminals. Some of them aren’t even doing it for money, some just want companionship so fucking bad that they will ignore their kids being abused just to keep the fucker around. Just watch the movie, Precious or check out my podcast episode about toxic mothers. There are moms who side with their predator partners over that of their kids. SMH!

But I tell myself keep fighting this battle because if I can save 1 kid at time, so be it.

This is why I decided this week, I’m donating all of my earnings from my next Saturday Zumba class to the aforementioned Child Rescue Coalition or CRC for short. You can help me help the helpless.

CRC, headquartered in Boca Raton, FL was founded by Carly Asher Yoost, is a nonprofit organization that rescues children from sexual abuse by building technology for law enforcement, free of charge, to track, arrest and prosecute child predators.

To donate, feel free send your class fee to @childrescuecoalition directly or donate to my cashapp or PayPal. It may not seem like much but we can help slow down this fucked up threat one dollar at a time.

I’m not going to keep ranting about the shit but needless to say I am pissed and I hope you are too!

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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