Batwoman Replaced By An Actress of Color

So if you haven’t already heard The CW Batwoman’s leading lady, Ruby Rose has stepped down from playing the titular character. In the months since, producers have finally found another actress to fill the caped crusaders shoes. The role now will go to Javicia Leslie.

Rose concluded the show’s debut season after announcing that she was leaving the show for good, most speculated that it was for mental health reasons, which she’s been pretty vocal about on social media.

Others have made claims that her departure had to do with a back injury she suffered during filming in the beginning of the season, for which she was hospitalized. Needless to say, Rose’s decision has been met with mixed emotions from some fans applauding her decision to others not so much. This mostly in part because her reasons for departing were left mostly vague to the public, although the model/actress took to Instagram addressing her decision and thanking the cast and crew.

I can only imagine what the job entails being that Batwoman much like the most CW shows are shot in Canada with a whopping 20+ episodes. And let’s face it, this particular DC/CW show didn’t begin as one of its most praised or highly ranked shows. That doesn’t mean its bad nor does it mean that I hate it as it had a solid story and cast but then again I’m a mostly optimistic person.

All that being said, I had hopes for the show since its inception especially with the character arc that the titular character developed over the Crisis crossover event.

The CW having renewed Batwoman for a second season, found themselves having to find not only a new leading lady but I gather a new plot.

In comes Javicia Leslie, a German born African-American actress. Leslie, an openly bisexual woman seems to be ecstatic about taking up the dark cape. Her costars as well as fellow CW cast and crew so far seem to have given her warm welcomes. Even Ruby Rose gave a positive and warm reception to the actress.

Leslie will step in playing the character of Ryan Wilder. This came after the network decided to introduce a new character rather than recast Ruby Rose’s role of Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin. It is unclear until the details and a trailer airs how Wilder will fit into the plot, which previously circled around Kate Kane constantly having run-ins with twin sister turned villain, Beth Kane/Alice. But I surmise Wilder will be vastly different than Kate Kane save for the fact the actress will be a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s duly noted being that she will be the first woman of color to take on a leading role as a superhero on a TV show. I know what it’s like not having a role model or superhero that looked like me growing up. I’m just glad that girls have more representation such as this and Black Lightening’s superpowered daughters Thunder and Lightening.

Way to go CW!

Hey Marvel!!! Get your diversity shit together!

Season 2 of Batwoman will return (hopefully) in the fall of 2020.

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