Stargirl: An Insomniac Review

So I found a bit of time to stream the latest DC tv show online, Stargirl. Luckily it was only about 6 episodes into its debut season so I had the opportunity to binge while doing my hair (which usually takes hours to do give or take)

After seeing trailers for Stargirl on the CW while the Crisis event aired earlier this year, I honestly didn’t know what to think. When it aired, I took my time to check it out but then I discovered that it would be on both the DC Universe app and the CW. So I was intrigued to see what it would the show would entail and how good it would be. Boy was I surprised! It had the girl power of Supergirl without all the social justice warrior stuff crammed in plus it has way better CGI and special effects.

Stargirl also has an impressive cast not to mention acting is good and the plot pans out nicely. Each episode is not dragged out and has enough exposition that it works without all the excessive monologuing. Stargirl draws you in enough to stay tuned the next.

It stars Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Neil Jackson and Brec Bassinger as the titular character among other young actors playing familiar DC comic book heroes & villians, such as Wildcat, Dr. Mid-Nite, Icicle, The Gambler, Tigress, Starman and so on. It even mentions other members of the JSA such as Green Lantern. What’s really neat is that it looks as like it just connect the DC Universe with the Arrowverse.

With Swamp Thing now on the CW lineup, I’m wondering how many more shows will be either moved to the CW or shared with the DC Universe.

That being said I would even like to see if it will be added to a future CW/DC crossover. Although I am bewildered as to how they will top Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Crisis somehow pulled together an epic feat. It not only mentioned every DC screen adaptation but it nearly killed several characters off as each Earth was destroyed within the multiverse one by one.

Stargirl airs Tuesday nights on the CW and yet it airs the day before on Mondays on the DC Universe app/website without ads. I thought that this was quite a bonus since the DC Universe is a paid subscription.

I am hopeful to see what will happen especially with the ever-so-growing Arrowverse. Now that the progenitor show Arrow, has been concluded and it’s titular character killed off. I somehow remain hopeful as the DC/CW hybrid spits out more content. I’m really pleased because it gave me another reason to keep my DC subscription a tad longer aside from the Harley Quinn animated series and Doom Patrol. Now if the DCEU could get their shit together and release that Snyder cut… all will be right in the world.

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