Harvey Weinstein: Guilty and Convicted of Rape

Finally after two and a half years of dipping and dodging fate, Harvey Weinstein’s smug smirk has been wiped off his face. The former media mogul was convicted earlier Monday of rape in the third degree and criminal sexual assault in the first degree.

On Friday, Weinstein’s defense team agreed to accept a partial verdict but the prosecution pressed after the judge told the jury to keep deliberating. This following a jury of 12 deadlocked on 2 more serious offenses as Weinstein was also facing predatory sexual assault.

Previously Weinstein appeared confident when the allegations first surfaced. He could even be seen smiling when walking in handcuffs. However, as deliberating began after the trial commenced in January… That look on his face became more noticeable worried.

Even moreso, despite the conviction of Bill Cosby as well as the smear campaign and blacklisting of actresses such as Rose McGowen. Weinstein appeared unbothered.

Weinstein also faces charges in Los Angeles. The verdict was made due to the testimony of 6 women who stated under oath that Weinstein sexually assaulted them over the last few decades.

While this verdict is limited and Weinstein has been yet to be sentenced, this marks a victory in the NY prosecution led by Joan Illuzzi, District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. and the many women of the #MeToo movement.

Weinstein I’m sure paid good money to have his mugshot buried but thanks to technology… I made a new one. I think it is fitting for this joyous and just occasion, wouldn’t you agree?

1 down…

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