Top Movie Picks of 2019 (Theatrical Releases)

Happy New Year folks! It’s officially 2020!!

I have to apologize for this being a written review and not a YouTube vid. While I wanted to beat the rush and create a video review while still in 2019 and with my daughter no less… time did not allow for any of that. But alas my blog featuring the flicks I wanted to see in 2019 was written/typed, so why not go out the same way…

Last year, I didn’t place them in any order of importance. But is list will start from the least liked to most like. So did my most anticipated flicks measure up this past year? Let’s take a look!

Now keep in mind these are my opinions and may or may not match your list or order of likeness. There are some flicks such as Toy Story 4 or Ford Vs. Ferrari that did not make my list simply because I hadn’t seen it (but not for lack of wanting…just never got around to it. Also movies like The Lighthouse did not make the cut mostly because I ended up seeing that after I composed this list. Also not on this list were straight to stream/video flicks such as The Irishman.

With all that said… Here’s my list.

20. Escape Room

Escape Room is an old fashioned horror movie with cliche horror tropes but the kills were cool and the plot, although released after the escape room craze wasn’t too shabby.

19. Knives Out

A funny, who-done-it, Clue mystery flick with a star-studded class. But let’s face it, I came to see Chris Evans.

18. Booksmart

This generation’s Can’t Hardly Wait or American Pie. Pretty much like Superbad but with Jonah Hill’s little sister. Very pro-LGBT. But this flick had some pretty dope laughs.

17. What Men Want

What do you know… another comedy. This flick takes the Mel Gibson movies from the early 2000s and flips it. It’s not the greatest but it plays on Taraji’s strengths and Erykah Badu is hilarious.

16. Us

I wanted this to be higher on the list but it had some tough shoes to fill. Because it’s social awareness isn’t overkill and the kills are pretty cool… I wasn’t let down but there were a lot of plot holes with this flick.

15. It: Chapter 2

I had really high hopes for IT:2 because I wanted it to be better than the miniseries’ second part. It was just too long, too much CGI shaky screen stuff but overall still not bad. Oh and it would have been nice if they utilized more of IT’s other forms.

14. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Two words: Quenting Fucking Tarantino. Ok that’s technically 3 but as a fan of Tarantino this was pretty funny. While it’s not the best work of his and it still drags on, it’s actually not so bad. Watching the chemistry between Brad Pitt and Leoardo DiCaprio is good. But I won’t lie, I fell asleep at parts but surely not because I was bored.

13. Child’s Play

I was actually quite surprised. Considering some of the OG Child’s Play movies have been kinda subpar, this wasn’t shabby at all. Mark Hamill brings awesomeness to Chucky without dishonoring Brad Dourif. Even with the comedy…it had some ok scares.

12. Captain Marvel

I loved Captain Marvel. This was an awesome flick that the MCU pumped out. And you know me… I am all about girl power. Definitely one of the MCU’s heavy hitters and can we just acknowledge that Sam Jackson was like 70 when filming. #blackdontcrack

11. Zombieland: Double Tap

Fun if you’re a fan of the original. Pretty much they kept the plot simple and ran with it. But the ending with Bill Murray made this whole thing priceless oh and I learned to say “Go Fuck Yourself” in Italian.

10. Crawl

I think this was my fav horror movie of this year. Big ass alligators. Out of every movie on this list, this literally had me on the edge of my seat.

9. Queen and Slim

Queen and Slim is one of the films that it’s a given fact it will have you talking about it on the ride home. The message is thought provoking but it doesn’t waste your time or try so hard that the plot or film itself suffers. The acting was great and the cinematography is superb. Things went from annoying to tense to frightening to deadly very quickly. 

8. John Wick 3

It’s no wonder Keanu Reeves was my crush as a teen. This has a lot of action. Literally every second there is something happening every second. But what more would you expect from a John Wick flick. I just wish I could train my dog Hazel like those dogs Halle Berry had.

7. Jumanji 2

This was just as fun as the first flick but funnier. Kevin Hart actually was funnier as an Danny Glover and the Rock was funny as Danny DeVito. I haven’t laughed this loud in a theater in a while and it felt good.

6. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

The took one of my fav book series as a kid and made it a move. If you read my review, then you know I was not let down at all

5. Ready or Not

Not because I was crushing on Adam Brody or anything but because, this was a fun horror flick. So much I added it to my list last minute.

4. Shazam

Shazam was a fun flick to watch and a win for DC following the successful reception of Wonder Woman and Aquaman respectively. I enjoyed Zachary Levi as the titular character. This film was heartfelt and hilarious.

3. Avengers: Endgame

One of the most anticipated flicks of the year. 20+ movies that spanned over a decade. This movie was awesome! Although not quite #1. Why? While this was an amazing film. What made it amazing was the hype behind it and the fact this was the conclusion to an epic story. However it did not have to be 3+ hours long.

2. Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep was the follow-up to both the book and film, The Shining. It was great attempt to tie in the inconsistencies and differences between the King’s source material and Kubrick’s vision. Hands down one of the best horror flicks of the year.

1. Joker

Very rare a flick makes me feel something like the Joker did. I was laughed, I cried as well as got sucked into the madness you would expect from Joker flick. Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar. I am still rather speechless thinking about this.

Some honorable mentions…

Spiderman: Homecoming

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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