Doctor Sleep: An Insomniac Review

My somewhat spoiler-free review of the movie adaptation of Doctor Sleep. Was it an eye-opening horror flick or should Doctor Sleep take a nap?

If you want no spoilers, scroll all the way down to the review I did on YouTube…

It is the follow up to Stephen King’s The Shining. Directed by Mike Flanagan. Starring Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Cliff Curtis, Zahn McClarnon, Kyleigh Curran and Alex Essoe.

Scarred by the trauma at hands of his alcoholic father at the now abandoned Overlook Hotel, Dan Torrence tries to move on with his life in peace.

Still aided by Dick Holloran, he finds the strength to fight the ghosts of the Overlook who still haunt him now that the hotel is a shell of its former self. Eventually even this is too much on Danny and so he suppresses his gifts by way of the bottle. Much like his father, he has become consumed by alcohol. Eventually he gets help, lands a job in cleaning a hospice facility and begins to live his life in some sort of peace. It’s at the hospice where he is given the nickname Dr. Sleep. After accompanying dying residents alongside Azzie the cat who can sense death, Torrence uses his abilities to comfort them.

All that comes to an end when he meets Abra, a teen who shares his extrasensory gift of the “shine.” Abra who’s gifts are exponentially powerful, is put into a dangerous group of nomadic “vampires” called the True Knot.

The two eventually form an unlikely alliance as they attempt to stop them. Led by Rose the Hat, they feed on the essence of gifted children. In turn the Shine that they call “steam” gives them the ability to extend their lives.

Doctor Sleep is the type of horror movie made not only for Stephen King fans but those who have an appreciation for true horror. It doesn’t need a bunch of jump scares or a lot of gore. However there is a scene that is just disturbing to watch. And another scene that’s rather high-paced & “action-packed”.

But what I enjoyed were the awesome tidbits about this movie is that it offers enough Easter eggs and fan service without bombarding you with it.

Instead of harping on the fact it’s the follow up to this horror classic, it stands on its own two feet… I’m just glad they didn’t call it the Shining 2. Movie producers have a way of wanting to milk franchises that way. I was also really pleased with the way Flanagan bridged the gap between Kubrick’s and King’s versions of the Shining. Doctor Sleep is a fairly good sequel to fans of both the book and film.

Still haven’t seen it yet.. no worries, here’s the spoiler free version.

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