The Single Chronicles: Sn. 2, Episode 4.2 (bonus episode)

… and one other thing…

I removed this particular sub topic from the this week’s episode filpp. And the video I mentioned the annoyance regarding sending unsolicited dick pics. What I didn’t include was my rant about dudes offering sex right off the bat.

It can sometimes be a tad cute but when it’s multiple guys soliciting sex without regards to your stance or even relationship status. It’s sad. This isn’t saying that girls don’t do this because a lot do. But what makes it problematic is that people assume and don’t take moral stance into consideration.

Not everyone who posts a selfie wants to be asked about their body parts or a romp in the sheets.

I believe that this stems from people allowing others to disrespect them in this manner. So many females and men post thirst traps in order to garner attention. So when you get an overload of sexually fused post, it becomes sort of a status quo to just simply talk about sex to anyone.

Sometimes I feel this is why I don’t answer every DM that I get. Don’t get me wrong, I do talk about sex in my Single Chronicles or random posts online but that’s not the only thing I talk about. It damn sure ain’t the only thing I want to talk about either.

My advice to you guys out there… if you want to get a girl’s attention like I previously mentioned in episode 4, try talking about something she might be interested in and just maybe you will hit it off.

Until Next Time Kiddies,


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