Avengers: Endgame An Insomniac Review (Spoilers)

My review for Avengers Endgame & my thoughts on the end of an era (well this particular era of the MCU).

While I tried to keep my review (video) relatively spoiler free and I think I did ok… This review here however is not censored. It contains MASSIVE SPOILERS!

This being said, if you haven’t checked out the movie, the SKIP & go to my previous post, the non-spoiler video or head over to my YouTube channel and enjoy.

Avengers Endgame, picks up immediately after Infinity War. Our heroes are dealing with something they have never truly encountered… Defeat! Sure they have had setbacks but for the most part they have never been ousted by anyone. The closest was perhaps Civil War was probably the closest the Avengers came to taking an “L”!!

I think that is what made the Russo Brothers the best option to go with ending of phase 4. They took massively risky chances and concluded an epic story. I hope you took notes Brett Ratner!!!! SMH… Fuckin Ratner. I am still jaded by X-Men 3!!

Anyways, that is how you wrap up a story!! While the ending brought me to tears as I said good bye to characters I have invested nearly a decade into, I did so with a sort of closure. I think the only things that will ever make me feel this way are Supernatural when it ends next season and Game of Thrones when it ends this year…. I hope!

This movie while not without sin (which I covered in the video), made up for a lot of that by giving us a well told story. You pretty much forget about the beginning dragging out so slowly because the 3rd act is nothing more than scene after scene of pure epic action. You forgive the continuity questions that form in your head knowing that our heroes attempt time travel but we are given a new reason why and how. Even with the meta moment where they reference every time travel movie that came to mind.

The final Avengers Assemble moment with Captain America getting that message on the coms from Sam (Falcon) telling a beaten Rogers, “On Your Left!” This gave me chills… I think I nearly pissed myself. Honestly I was dwelling on his catch phrase (I could go at this all day) but you could see it in his eyes that another defeat was inevitable but he wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

I think this part made his exit of the MCU grand and worth it. He finally got both the closure he needed (which is probably how he was able to wield Mjolnir) and lived the life that he wanted with Peggy.

When he passed along his shield and mantle to Falcon, I was like yessss!! While I would have had no qualms with Bucky taking his place, I think Sam was the better choice at this point. I mean Bucky was kindly like a mind-controlled terrorist for a bit. I know I know…redeeming himself and all of that but still…

And Sam was with Cap during a difficult time as he transitioned to both a soldier without a war and a guy who is decades out of place. Bucky I think would be the next in line after that obviously.

Damn… I am going to miss America’s Ass. A reference Ant-Man made when they caught a Cap in his old uniform in the past.

In my video it was hard to speak on the greatness of this movie without revealing those key moments which made it great. Trust me I really wanted to. I mean this movie much like its predecessor gave me such a range of emotions and reactions but it did it in such a fashion that I was blown out of my seat… The feels I must say surpassed Infinity War.

Speaking of blown out of my seat… Um, I just want to say HELL YEAH to the femme fatale, bad ass, girl power moment during the big fight scene!! Captain Marvel and the ladies plowing through Thanos and his army. With that in mind, I was glad that this didn’t become Captain Marvel 2.

There were ways that this film could have been lazy and overuse her but it didn’t. I was just sad that Black Widow wasn’t there to fight and witness it. I guess we are getting a Natasha prequel story now that Marvel has greenlit her movie.

See Marvel, Wonder Woman proved that you can have a bad ass female lead that fans/critics will like that will make you money. So sad it took this long for Hollywood to realize it too.

Overall, I truly did enjoy this movie and saying good bye to some familiar characters, especially Iron Man. I love you 3000, Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. has always been a favorite of mine. Not just his on screen performance. His personal climb from pitfalls is beyond inspiring. Most people end up being washed up permanently after succumbing to drugs and personal demons but RDJ made the most epic comeback of all time and it shows. I mean to this day, his portrayal in the film Less Than Zero still makes me ball and cry.

To end off this chapter of the MCU with the words that began (er…launched it into epic-ness) definitely made me cry but cheer.

That being said, I walked out of the theatre with a grand sense of closure and though I was sad to say good bye to some of my fav characters, I didn’t feel despair like other movies have made me feel… *cough cough* X-Men 3 *cough cough*

Anyways I hope you enjoy this chapter in the MCU. I feel that this is one of those flicks that will be timeless and re-watched for years to come. 20+ plus films in a decade leading up to this… is beyond words when you really step back and look at it. It is unlike anything we will see on-screen for a while to come. Stan Lee & Frank Kirby… thank you for the gift of these stories!

My Vote:

Duh…It’s Awesome!

Til Later Kiddies,


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