Marvel Universe of Super Heroes: An Insomniac Review

This review unlike most doesn’t really revolve around a movie or TV show but an actual museum exhibit.

Yes I have culture. I go places. I do stuff.

Well it is an exhibit that revolves around comics and comic book movies and TV shows. Hahaha! That being said, I had the opportunity of checking out an early preview of the Marvel Universe of Super Heroes exhibit about 2 weeks ago at the Franklin Institute.  And let me start off by saying that this is a cool dose of nostalgia and awesome for you comic fans. I decided in light of preparing for Endgame later this week, I would speak do something different and talk about Marvel in a non-movie aspect. 

The Marvel exhibit has been touring the country for a bit of time and it finally made it’s way to Philly last week. This exhibit is laced with a lot to offer fans of the OG comics and newer fans of the live action MCU flicks.

Upon walking in the main Atrium area past the slew of folks, if you look up, you are greeted by Thor… I thought this was cool in it’s own right but honestly after seeing a 100+ foot Viking ship there previously, it’s a tad underwhelming but if you missed Vikings… never mind that. Thor is totally cool.

I won’t divulge much of the exhibit but I will say this… If you are a comic book fan and by true fan, go a lone and then bring a novice. Trust me. They will have questions that you will have to constantly answer and you will want to show off your knowhow.

Marvel Superheroes is not only a tribute but a bit of a history lesson. In that you get all kinds of background info about the comic book company and it’s founders. It even had a live-action memorial/tribute to Stan the Man Lee. Heck I even found out his actual real name, which I would have had to otherwise Google. I mean to see this nearly brought a tear to my eye thinking of the coolness we have today because of this guy.

The exhibit also contains props and costumes as well as some interactive things you can really close up on. What I like, especially if you go when it’s less crowded is that you can mosey on and take it all in at your pace. For you true comic fans, you’ll find some true gems such as a peek into the origins of the Marvel comics down to drawing board such as concept art from Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and much more.

Another cool aspect is especially for you fans of the Netflix Marvel shows that were ripped away from us. I was actually quite pleased to see a few costumes from the shows of the Marvel Universe and not movies.

My only gripe…is that when they say the camera adds 10 lbs…it’s an understatement. I don’t know how small these actors are in real life but I can imagine that they are smaller than I realized or these costumes are unbelievably tight to wear, save Luke Cage here. Nonetheless I appreciate these costume design folks more their creativity and attention to detail and the actors for wearing them.

That being sad, take a trip to the Franklin Institute check out Marvel preferably before Endgame to coat your nerves and get ready. You won’t regret it.

Oh and bring money because, the exhibit store has things on the shelves and in cases that screams BUY ME! Some stuff affordable and some stuff…not for those ballin’ on a budget.

My vote is it’s awesome!

Til Later Kiddies,


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