The Single Chronicles: Episode 2 (Lying Dudes)

I finally managed to get this week’s Single Chronicles up and running despite it being a day late…smh.

Nonetheless I am still proud of the end result after a few sleepless nights of editing as well as noise and distractions. It’s funny that the more you tell people that you want get some peace, privacy and quiet… the less the actually give you… oh the irony!!

Anyway, this week discusses dishonesty men (before you put me out there as a man-bashing femi-nazi). Just know the divas are next. I want to keep these videos if not under 10 minutes, then as close to 10 as I can get. This week’s video could have been anywhere around 30 minutes without cutting footage and saving the ladies for next week.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy because it took me longer than I wanted to complete. But I must say, I am learning the ways of video editing. I think this video serves as both advice to others as well as therapy to myself. I hope that eventually my woes and jokes about being single will educate and entertain. In doing that you will be able to avoid the fuckery I managed to jump head first into.

This video discusses 3 of the types of liars (or fuckboys if you will):

  1. Mr. Baller (the broke liar)
  2. Mr. Faithful (the cheating liar)
  3. The Pornstar (the lousy in bed liar)

I can’t stand a liar, no matter what the gender is… it is beyond annoying. I tried my best to break down and help you identify the tropes based off of the calculated data I compiled… aka… the losers I dated in the past. I think this is my biggest reason for being single.

Til Later Kiddies,


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