The Single Chronicles Episode 1 (Valentine’s Day)

FINALLY!! Here is my first episode of The Single Chronicles. Right off of my Instagram stories and onto YouTube.

This week’s episode talks about the day after Valentine’s Day and the disappointment of finding out your the side piece. I wanted to poke fun at the stigma behind being single on Valentine’s Day as well as being the side piece! Just as I do in my Instagram stories, I use memes, vides and other things to poke fun at the reality that is being single in a world that says you must be shacked up at my age.

The reason why I created the Single Chronicles was because I got tired of the dreaded question as to why I wasn’t married… and at the end of my 30s no less. It was beyond me wanted to find the right person. I simply wanted to be loved but I didn’t need a partner for that. Being single has taught me that as I transition to the next stage in life, I want to foster so much self love that I won’t settle the next go-round. That being said, I don’t have time for fucktivity this time. So I won’t be settling for the first person that smiles in my face. And I definitely won’t let sex cloud my judgement.

Now while being single has its ups and downs…one thing is for certain. I am at peace with it. I am right now trying to conquer physical, spiritual, financial and emotional wealth and health for myself before I go worrying about someone else.

I tried poking fun at the whole I’m single thing because honestly, I’m not impressed. Most of the guys I have encountered have either underwhelmed & unimpressed me or downright annoyed the fuck outta me.

Like I don’t know if it’s me but I guess I got tired of settling (after doing so for so long) I became immune to the bullshit or anticipated it) Hell, Mr. or Mrs. Right probably out here shaking their head at me for letting them go.

That and I really want to work on me. I truly believe I cannot love anyone until I love myself. I also believe that I cannot expect anyone to built me up and if I want a man to have his shit together…well I best be that way too.

Either way, the Single Chronicles are my way of coping and venting being single. So without further delay, here is the premiere of The Single Chronicles:

Til Later Kiddies,


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