Another Reboot, Charmed: An Insomniac Review



Honestly I wanted to not like this show from the beginning. When I found out that they would be disregarding and forgetting the legacy of one of my fav shows, I swore it off before it had even aired. Then my curiosity got the best of me and so I tuned in. I figured that if both the pilot and 2 episode didn’t wow me or keep my attention, then I would go back to my Charmed reruns. So what did I think about these new witchy sisters? Continue reading below. 



I rarely like reboots and remakes, in fact lately I have began loathing them. But with that being said…this little fucker has grown on me. The show is actually pretty good and packed with plot detail, good acting and not-to-shabby special effects. The new Charmed even touches topics that are both relevant and touchy in today’s media such as the Me Too movement, made popular by one of its predecessor’s lead actresses. Kudos CW, you have me hooked on some new eye-candy.

But I really have to be honest and admit like most, I had my doubts because not only did they shun the original cast but they don’t even acknowledge them at all. I mean the original show is about the legacy of the Charmed ones and where there magic comes from.  Nonetheless I decided that watching more could not hurt.

Comparisons and Contrasts:
The original had the Halliwell sisters: Prudence (Pru), Piper, Phoebe & later Paige, the half witch/white lighter. All of these leads on this show, which was based in San Francisco were white except Detective Darryl.
The reboot has Latina sisters, Mel, Macy & Maggie who are based in Michigan, with the oldest being  mixed with Black American.  The reboot does have a half witch/white lighter, Jada but her role is much different than Paige’s. 
Both shows have a white lighter by their side to assist except in the original Leo was the live interest of the middle (later older sister) Piper.  In this new tale, Harry is the helpful white lighter for the sisters and seems to have a love thing with an elder witch…oh and he’s English.  This is also another difference from the original, Elders seem to be more human than godly like in the predecessor. One thing that managed to be the same is the love interest of the younger sister to a half-demon. I was always a fan of that Cole/Phoebe love thing and I think I may like the Parker/Maggie thing should the show continue.

Despite these differences, the each episode of the reboot mimics some of the original’s but manages to tell its own story in its own way. It may not be my Charmed but it is a pretty decent show that gives us strong female, minority leads… Go girl power. All in all, after watching the first half of the season, I have my dislikes.  I won’t lie, the first episode didn’t win me all the way over. Hell, I really didn’t dig the show at first but given it’s time slot right before Supergirl, gave me no choice but to honestly dig the show. So after really giving it a chance, I am quite happy with this new version. 

So my vote is it’s kinda awesome…but so much of this show still remains to be seen

I recommend if I can look past my nostalgia and attachment to the original, you can too. Yes it was a reboot no one asked for and yes we need fresh stories in an age where everything we see is a regurgitation of greater times but this was a win.

Well Until next time kiddies, 



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