Halloween 2018: An Insomniac Review (spoiler free & EDITED)

So if you aren’t surprised, I took the liberty of seeing Halloween 2018 a day early. However because my first viewing was shitty due to loud theater goers and a full bladder, I knew I had to do more research and check it out again. Like most fans of both the Halloween franchise and horror movies in general, I was both skeptic and in anticipation when I heard they were making it. However as the date came closer and more TV spots and trailers came about my skepticism started to dwindle.

If you don’t know by now there are a few things you should know about this new addition to the Halloween franchise.

  1. This this movie is NOT a reboot or remake. It is a direct sequel of the 1978 classic by John Carpenter, taking place exactly 40 years later from the original.
  2. This is a new timeline however, it ignores part 2 all the way up to the last one. The main protagonist Laurie Strode does not have a son like she did in H20. She does have a daughter however it is not the same Jamie that was in parts 4, 5 and I believe 6.
  3. In this new timeline Michael and Lori are not related although because of their traumatic past together they do share connection similar to H20.

Halloween 2018 is a movie produced by Blumhouse, Danny McBride, creator, John Carpenter and directed by David Gordon Green. I was kind of hesitant about that when I first found out McBride was on the project but after seeing Get Out, it is clear that comedic actors know horror pretty well. What I like about this movie is that it takes the same creepy element from the original one yet it keeps up the pace with today’s horror movies.

I like that it makes up for the crappy sequels we were subjected to (except H20…which I liked at the time of release). It respects the original but still goes crazy with the horror by today’s standards. True Halloween fans will appreciate the Easter eggs that kind of poke Jabs at and pays homage to all the sequels that it ignores.

I personally enjoy the fact that it doesn’t waste time with a bunch of exposition nor does it rely on a million cheesy jump scares. While it doesn’t keep me on the edge of my seat it has a decent pace, especially in the parts surrounding Michael’s escape, after which takes no punches at all. That being said, it has these subplots that I could have done without. I understood well how they wanted to ignore every movie after original but I think that this could have been delivered or not at all mentioned.  I mean the audience (well most of us) are smart enough to catch on that if they wanted to ignore part 2, then part 2’s sibling reveal would have been goner anyway.

Although it creates yet another time line, you can tell that they respected the source material and those that followed. Not much of this movie is over done but there are it’s sadly flawed parts. It has 21st century gore and mayhem yet still respects that classic menacing, and a bit of the stalker feel Michael had 40 years ago…to some extent. Maybe I am one of the few folks that thought it was a genius, creepy idea to have the killer stalk his prey but Halloween 1978 had a little too much stalking.

However don’t get it twisted, once Michael gets started “…he is like a killer shark in baggy ass overalls…” Yes I quoted Busta Rhymes from Resurrection.

As a fan of The Purge series and Blumhouse movies in general you can kind of tell that it is one of their productions. However, the cinematography and filming pattern mimics the original very well. Michael Myers versus does his thing just like he did 40 years ago but it’s not a slow paced or a slow burn as it was back then. Today’s generation will be able to appreciate that and so will classic fans.

In this film Michael Myers is not a zombie like Supernatural entity although he is still hard to kill as he is after all in fact human. Despite being a formidable foe to our protagonist, he’s not invincible. Another thing that I’d like to add, is that he’s not getting up when he gets knocked down as fast as he used to. He’s aged over the years with gray hair and some wrinkles from what you can see. Even though you don’t see his face clearly…he still strong and virtually a monster. Nick Castle who play Michael Myers aka The Shape does an excellent job reprising his role on screen.

Our protagonist Laurie Strode has had some changes over the years as well. Despite growing much older she’s not the typical final girl as she was in 1978.

She’s badass almost like Sarah Connor in Terminator with a shit more of PTSD. In this movie Laurie Strode is prepared and she ain’t playing no games. She’s prepared for Michael Myers return and she’s been waiting for him. Although the initial confrontation between Michael and Lori in Halloween H20 to me was a little more epic, Halloween 2018 does not disappoint when these two finally face each other. But again, I am more of a fan of the H20 Laurie Strode.

On a scale of 1 to 10 the gore is probably at a 9. Much like other Blumhouse flicks like Upgrade and Happy Death Day, the blood, guts and graphic kills are a bit extra. Michael is a bit more stabby in this flick. The kills aren’t all based on atmosphere and creep factor. Prime example is when he gets his beloved kitchen knife, he takes out a victim needlessly unlike he did in Halloween part 2.  Unlike As I mentioned before, it doesn’t rely on a bunch of jump-scares there are a few moments where you will jump and even cringe a bit.

Another aspect that I like about this movie it does have some comedic moments that’ll make you laugh but it’s not silly or goofy like in Halloween part 6. The supporting actors AKA teenagers in this movie are kind of cliche and you don’t miss them when they are offed. Yet they’re scenes are a little more believable than they were in previous movies especially H20, which on account of its release at that time you actually forgive. These actors are not your eye candy crush types that they were during the late 90’s. I like that they’re kind of average-looking… Well some of them. Lol 😂.

The best improvement in my opinion in this movie is the kid actor in this movie.  I never cared for the kids in the original or many kid actors back in the day. I am guessing thanks to IT and Stranger Things, kids these days are better horror actors. Kid actor being babysat, played by Jibrail Nantambu. This kid pretty much made every scene he was in and made up for the replacement of late/great Donald Pleasance by a WTF doctor. I enjoyed every second of this kid and look forward to seeing more of him.

That being said, it’s not without other sins and irritating scenes, plus a some other WTF moments I won’t spoil. Like I said it’s missing the understandably neurotic Dr. Loomis, who’s replacement is not really worthy. And despite me truly hating this guy, overall I am glad they didn’t carbon copy him. I mean this isn’t a remake but maybe he should have gotten a more believable doctor for Mikey.

Speaking of, there’s a certain menacing feeling that you get when Michael Myers is on the screen. Yet unlike the original, he spends his time getting to business than he did walking around in ’78. To some, this was a tension builder but for me, I always thought it was just weird…No one cared to notice the creepy, white dude with the mask on, just walking and driving around right after a mental institution break out. yes I know it’s back in the day and news traveled slow but there was such a thing as the news. Last I checked it came on at least 3 times a day.

Yet…my biggest gripe with this movie is that yet again Michael Myers is driving a car! To this day that has always bothered me. Think about it… He killed his sister when he was 6 and spent God knows how much time in the insane asylum sitting there quiet and motionless and miraculously drives better than most so-called “sane” people.

But hey… it is what it is.

Overall I give it a thumbs up… it’s pretty awesome and worth a looksee for this time of year!

KUDOS to all involved for not making this some shitty cash grab…although judging by all the sell-out seats that I saw yesterday, it will make some serious bank.
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