The MARVELous Road To Infinity War

DIW review

For any of you living under a fucking rock… there has been the plethora of comic book flicks that has been leading up to this epic showdown of showdowns, The Avengers. Some of you may just see it as a simple cash cow… But for the rest of us who just may be what you call comic-book-fans, this is epic & short of fucking awesome! Don’t judge us, those who you call freaks and geeks. The Joss Whedon Avengers (part 1) blew me away. And this…will be the same! As much as I wanted to like Age of Ultron…for me it was meh… Although James Spader was da bomb… (Yes I’m old) 😂


But for those of you scratching your head, I am taking none other than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For all of us as kids who watched Saturday morning cartoons or read a comic book, seeing our fav shit come to life on screen is without a doubt amazing. From the black and white days of Superman up to now, people love to see works of these comic art come to life. And I am sorry, some of the things that Stan Lee and company have done are pretty much this age’s Renaissance. Even video games, despite a failure to launch well (except Mortal Kombat & to some extent, Resident Evil) have been brought to the big screen.

That being said, I will be talking about my fav comics-turned-movies as we countdown to Part 1 of the ultimate showdown: Avengers: Infinity War. Be warned since I am still playing with the vlog thing, this won’t my typical rant/rave review blog post but in preparation to one of the most anticipated comic book flicks…In fact for the next few posts that are reviews…I ‘m pretty much gonna wing it…so stay tuned!


I will try to keep it short & post all MCU movies leading up to the release of Infinity War in order of release but showcasing my own favoritism. LOL! Hell there’s like damn near 20 movies already released, not including the TV shows so I will NOT be reviewing them all individually.

the mcu

And although, they are pretty much separated from the actual movies, I will moonlight a little about the TV shows on the side. This was something I wanted to do with DC comics, movies and shows but didn’t have the time to…besides I did a review of the actual Justice League movie with my comic-book-partner-in-crime, (my kid)…which you can check out here. Oh and if you haven’t been on my YouTube channel, which I promise to give regular love to…here is your chance to like, comment & subscribe.

dr evil

Are you excited to see the Avengers movie, what comic book flicks have tickled your fancy?

Well Until Next Time Kiddies


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