DUMBASS OF THE DAY: Broke Girls in The Club (A B*tch Blog)


Maybe it’s me or the line of work I do but I don’t (nor will I ever) understand the notion of going out broke. You don’t have none of the following:

  1. No door cover money!
  2. No coat check money!
  3. No cab/car fare money!
  4. No drink money!
  5. No late night grub from drive-thru/diner money!

But you expecting dudes (maybe even your girls to spot you??)

Naw you need to stay that ass home & get your $$ right! There’s always next weekend…

Yep, this week’s Red Foreman Dumbass of the Day goes to Broke Ass Females.

I mean seriously, forget the fact it’s in the way… It’s not safe at all. Anything could happen where you could be in a situation with no phone, ride or surrounded by people who can and will hurt you.

You chicks need to fucking think smarter! There are rapists, killers and people who have no respect for human life or women. So do yourself and so many others a favor…


AND BRING AT LEAST $20 WITH YA BROKE ASS! I mean it’s cool if your pockets are on E or you don’t have the funds every weekend. I mean if you can entertain yourself or friends, cool. Even better, if you can still go out without spending a buck, AWESOME! But don’t leech or beg… It’s just not kosher!

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‘Til next time kiddies…

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