Do We All Have To Be Ghetto Because We Live in the Ghetto??

You really want to know why I have insomnia?


I will tell you a story about what I’ve experienced lately…

I’m sitting up late playing with my phone & watching the news for a few headlines to write about (as well as checking the weather). And out of nowhere, I am rudely interrupted by all of the hackling noise outside my window. So I take a quick looksee and what do my eyes discover? Nothing but a bunch of loud hyenas in a pack across the street from my house.


Now I know the weather is warmer now so the time for congregating is at hand but do some people have to be so loud? I am aware that I live in the hood but so what!!!! Some of us have jobs and schools to go to in the morning considering it’s a fucking weekday.  I mean is it too hard to wait until the weekend to loiter and holler? And so what if it’s in front of YOUR door? How’s about keeping the noise with you? Has everyone gone deaf or is screaming at someone 9 inches away, the “in” thing to do? 

Yes I’m irate because this is borderline retarded. 

And don’t get me on the smoking weed thing from 12pm to 12am… because heaven forbid if someone would like to sit peacefully outside WITHOUT catching contact.


Call me crazy but I didn’t know that my kid or elderly grandmother were such pains in the asses for wanting fresh air on a beautiful sunny day (sarcasm for some of you out there). I don’t have a problem with what anyone wants to do for recreation or the sheer harm of their body, I smoked…remember? But there comes a time when you have to show a smidge of respect for those that don’t partake in your activities or when it becomes a nuisance for them.

Nonetheless, I am contemplating for ways to annoy the newest batch of hoodrats that have plagued the once working community of Tioga (North Philly). Yeah there are some of us out here who work for a living and pay taxes as opposed to living off of them… 

Maybe I will have to just give into the whole gentrification thing and move to the suburbs until the working middle class migrates back here.


Now to function on 3 hours of sleep…

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