Sesame Street and politics… Really Though?

Should Bert and Ernie get married?

That’s the latest topic of debate online. I discovered this not long ago why perusing the web, news and of course Facebook. It would seem that the latest triumph in NY regarding same sex marriage has sparked a new conquest…. That’s right the popular and ever loved public kids show, Sesame Street.
While many comments varied from let them marry, its a free country and yada yada to no its disgusting and adult propaganda. The most common opinion I seemed to notice was the fact that this IS a kids show and the confusion that Bert and Ernie are in fact bros or just friends. Meaning the image of Bert and Ernie or any of the puppets transcends sexuality and that the message behind this show is how to count, add, subtract and share. I mean aren’t these the fundamentals that any kid should try to understand? Not why or why not they should wed?

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