Facebook Spam…. F’ing Taggers (A bitch blog)

This was inspired by my Hump Day Thought of the Week:

So I’m perusing around Facebook as usual. Commenting, posting, liking and social networking with friends and the sort. However when it seems that in order to see what others are posting or talking about… I have to be subject to dozens if not hundreds of bullshit and nonsense of pictures of…. shoes and sneakers. As it wasn’t bad enough, you have the tags of half naked chicks attached to their profiles of the taggers.

My thing is if you see a hot chick with a hot body, it’s ok to look or drool. But is it that more than enough on Facebook? Why add them all? Especially if that’s all they will do? This leads me to my next point which targets the douhebags who add them. Really? Are you that desperate? Do you really think a chick like that will want someone like you? There are thousands if not millions of nude or near nude girls online in addition to videos. Get a fucking clue already! Its a sad sign of desperation and the losers bright enough with nothing else productive to do, will expose your libido’s yearn to be a total perve. I mean don’t you have a girlfriend (who’s probably in need of attention or just as bored with you)! I’m just saying!

And lastly, brings me to the women be the original “models” of the photos. Its ok to post a sexy picture, hell i have. But be warned that you’re daddy issue driven need for attention is blinding you to the fact that Facebook is public and anyone with an account can simply copy and paste. BAM! You are the new face of tagger spam. So careful what you put out there. Seriously has anyone come to the conclusion that you won’t have that body forever and that you are doing no more than exposing yourself as a smut! Save it for the pros who are models or porn stars.

On another note, what’s with the chicks who do low budget porn in movies sold out of car trunks, that claim to be models? Or actresses? Oh that’s right, there is no occupation that says porn goddess or prostitute? Better talk to Mark and his web people about that?

Hey i like porn and will admit to it but i won’t kid myself if a movie sucks ass… Porn or mainstream.

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