The Virus Within (Excerpt from Chapter 4)


The night air was cool and free of humidity. It was a night perfect for hunting, Charlotte thought knowing that humans would be easy to find as they typically enjoyed cool summer evenings such as this. Ramona slowed down and as Charlotte caught up to her, she smiled grabbing a hold of her hand. She then rolled her eyes in arousal as she sensed mortals in close proximity.

Suddenly Ramona stopped as she heard the bass of a nearby heart pounding. She then looked back again to Charlotte who was alerted by the same pounding. The two of them turned around and began to walk in the direction from which the sound came. Just as they expected it was a young, Asian woman. She continued walking oblivious to the fact that she was being pursued. She maintained her pace until she spotted Ramona behind her. Startled she stopped suddenly and tried to eye who it was that appeared from out of nowhere.

“Where did you come from?” The girl asked confusedly.

Ramona did not reply as she continued to stare at the girl hungrily, her fangs glaring blatantly. The girl focused her attention to Charlotte who also appeared from out of nowhere and stood on the opposite side of the woman.

“What do you want from me?” she asked nervously.

“I,” Charlotte replied, “…want you to run as fast as you can.”

The girl quickly fled. Ramona looked eagerly at her and started after the woman but Charlotte immediately stopped her as she placed a hand in front of her. Unbeknownst to Ramona, it wasn’t a warning but instead a dare.

“What the hell are you doing?” Ramona asked, “She’s gonna get away!”

Charlotte licked her lips and replied with excitement, “It’s actually more entertaining when you chase your kill. And when you catch them, their own adrenaline rush lights the blood on fire.”

She had not been this excited about a hunt since Victor left. She looked at Ramona who was already inhaling in anticipation. She finally moved her hand to allow Ramona to get loose. Quickly thereafter, Charlotte was chasing behind them both. The two women immediately spotted their prey running down steps that led to underground trains and closed in on her. As they began to corner the doomed woman, she screamed in fear. She found an opening between both girls and narrowly escaped as she headed for another set of steps that lead even farther underground. She cried out as loud as she could for help but after running so fast and suddenly, she hadn’t had the slightest clue as to where she was. She looked around to see that she was at the edge of a train platform but there was no one else in sight to come to her aid. She was completely alone.

The young woman jumped off of the platform and down in between the train tracks. She ran as far as she could before she felt a brute force stopped her and slammed her in between the same tracks. She looked up and saw that it was Ramona, followed by Charlotte.

“Please don’t do this! Let me go! Please! I promise I won’t tell anyone, I swear it!” she begged and pleaded for her life.

Ramona smiled ripping her shirt and exposing her small breasts. She then gripped a handful of the girl’s hair into one of her hands and an exposed breast into the other. She then placed her mouth to her breast and rammed her fangs into it. The girl continued to scream out but then hyper-ventilated as Charlotte knelt beside them both. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw Charlotte’s fangs dive into one of her arms. The two girls breathed heavily as they continued to feed. Just then Ramona removed her mouth and sighed in pleasure.

“Oh my fucking God,” Ramona suddenly exclaimed. “It is better when you chase them!”

Charlotte looked up at Ramona but never stopped drinking. Ramona again placed her mouth to the wound and finished draining the girl. Eventually the panting stopped and there was no more left to take. The two eventually stood to their feet and jumped back up onto the platform, leaving the dead girl behind. Just as they started toward the stairs that led upward and outside, a subway train sped by.

As the two of them reached the outside once again, Charlotte and Ramona grabbed hands smiling complacently at each other. The two walked along the sidewalk satisfied from their recent kill in silence.

“Charlotte, I love seeing you hunt. It is so fuckin’ sexy,” Ramona said as she paused and admired Charlotte.

“Well you did just as much as I did if not more,” Charlotte responded.

Ramona leaned toward Charlotte until the both of them were leaning against a nearby car. Ramona placed her own lips to Charlotte’s and kissed her passionately. She pressed her mouth onto Charlotte’s neck and licked her but did not bite. She slowly ran her hands down and into Charlotte’s pants as she began fingering and massaging her clitoris. Ramona lowered her kissing onto Charlotte’s collarbone as she rubbed all over her chest with her free hand. As Charlotte began breathing heavily, she gripped Ramona’s black hair and pulled her head back into her hands. She then kissed on Ramona’s neck and gave into the bloodlust. Charlotte had already stabbed her fangs into her. As she felt the blood splash onto her tongue and Ramona’s fingers pleasuring her below, she moaned aloud.

The blood from Ramona coursed deep down into Charlotte’s body as she continued to drink from her. Ramona smiled in pleasure and lifted her head up a little towards the night sky. She soon had an idea.

Before Charlotte could climax, Ramona pushed herself away removing Charlotte’s mouth from her neck. Ramona then began walking back towards the warehouse. Once they arrived, she pulled Charlotte into a nearby door. She noticed a clean but old mattress on the floor. Ramona began undressing Charlotte slowly. She then stood in silence and looked at her body in amazement.

 Ramona then placed her eyes and looked Charlotte in the face.

“You are so goddamn amazing,” Ramona said in admiration.

Charlotte began to blush and wrap her arms around herself almost in a shy manner as if she wanted to cover her body.

“No,”Ramona started, “don’t hide any part of your body. It’s beautiful and you’re beautiful.”

Charlotte smiled as Ramona removed her own shirt and walked over to her. She kissed her on her cheeks and lips in an innocent but sensual fashion. She placed her hands onto her shoulders and made her way down until they were holding hands. Ramona than made her way to the mattress and pulled Charlotte down with her. She then laid her down and kissed her with a softness, careful to not let her fangs get in the way. The continued on for a few moments until Ramona rolled over and straddled Charlotte on top of her. She then sat herself up and allowed her to kiss her lips once more. Charlotte then laid Ramona down on her back and crawled backwards until she was able to pull Ramona’s pants off. She then made her way back upwards kissing her slender, pale body along the way.

Ramona breathing escalated to moaning as she rolled her eyes back in ecstasy. Charlotte began to run her tongue back down toward Ramona’s inner thighs. She even moaned out as her fangs scratched Ramona’s skin just enough to break the skin but not truly pierce it. She licked the wound and as her tongue caressed the scar, it began to just as soon heal itself. She did it once more until her fangs plunged deep into Ramona’s thigh. Ramona arched her until her torso reached up to the ceiling. She then pulled Charlotte up towards her to taste her own blood as they kissed.

“Tonight,” Ramona said as she licked her lips, “it’ll be at the same time!”

Charlotte raised her eyebrows and smiled in wonderment as she tried to guess what Ramona was up to. Ramona remained silent as she turned Charlotte’s backside towards her. She then hoisted Charlotte’s hips towards her face and placed her mouth onto her outer labia. Charlotte let out a loud moan but soon after followed Ramona’s lead as she nestled her head down between her legs. They continued in a 6-9 position until Charlotte pulled her head up to breathe. She felt herself climaxing but before she could let out another cry of pleasure, she placed her tongue onto Ramona’s clitoris again. They rocked their bodies and sustained a rhythmic grinding on one another until Charlotte felt a wave of fluid coming down past her thigh and onto Ramona, who in turn let out a climax of her own. 

Charlotte’s body trembled as she continued to feel Ramona’s lips on her. As Charlotte let out another moan, she could feel Ramona’s teeth piercing the flesh of her thigh. Ramona tilted her head slightly as the blood ran down the sides her face. Charlotte’s breathing increased as she spread Ramona’s legs farther apart. She stabbed her fangs into her inner thigh, careful to not let the blood waste. Ramona pulled her lips away and laughed slightly through her moaning and screams of pleasure.


Charlotte soon pulled her head away and watched the wounds on Ramona’s thigh heal. She pulled herself up and laid beside Ramona, kissing her gently at first but as soon as they tasted blood in each other’s mouths, their kisses were filled with passion and lust. Ramona pulled away and sat up so that she could catch her breath. Charlotte looked up at her and smiled. Ramona bit down on her lip lightly with her front teeth, feeling a slight warmth fill throughout her. She looked down at Charlotte who was still looking back at her and chuckled.

“You better be careful before you make me fall in love.” Ramona said with a devilish grin.

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