10/16/07 Random Tales of the Drunken Insomniacs – A Love Collision (mini-series part 3) EDITED

DISCLAIMER: The third of a lil mini-series that I are put together! The following is fictional and any persons portrayed are the twisted delusions of my own head.


A Love Collision

My cell phone was ringing again. Its noise pierced the dark silence of my bedroom. I nearly fell out of bed trying to reach for it.

“Hello?” I mustered out.

My voice was cracked and I barely had the phone on my ear.

“Hey.” a female’s voice responded on the other line.

I quickly sat up. I knew her voice without hesitation. It was Tiffany. I looked over to my right. Lawrence tossed around a little but was still asleep and tucked under my quilt. God, this was so fucking weird. I had to focus my attention to the phone conversation.

I must admit that one little word out of her mouth had me hooked. I was all hers at the moment. She could’ve had me jumping off of my roof if she wanted to. But I had to be strong. My dignity would have it no other way.

“How are you?” she asked me nervously.

“Tiffany? What do you want?” I had to play tough, my pride was on the line.

“I needed to see you is all.”

“And this couldn’t wait until tomorrow?”

“Please, Roz I wouldn’t call you if it wasn’t important.” she pleaded with me.

“So what? You want me to drive over there in the middle of the night?”

“Please? I really need you here.”

I thought to myself. If she was baiting me just to have sex, then I could attempt to give her the best I had. If it was bullshit, then at least I could play the good samaritan act. The plus side to all of this, I found a reason to get out of bed with the kid.

“OK. Gimme ten minutes.” I sighed.

What could I say? I was a glutton for punishment. I crept out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Needless to say I needed a shower. I had to get Lawrence off of me in every sense of the meaning OFF. I had to admit I spent the ten minutes I promised her in the shower but I had to be ready in case something was going to happen.

I headed downstairs, got in the car and started it. I pulled off as fast as I could. Luckily my car’s engine was still warm. I got there in less than five minutes. A plus side to having to drive only a few miles at 5 AM was that there was no traffic. I looked around once I pulled up to her apartment. The sky was starting to streak orange from the rising sun. I could feel my heart racing through my chest and the palms of my hands were sweating all over again. I contemplated going back home and crawling in my bed but I figured what the hell. I was already here. No sense in turning back now. Besides that I needed get some shit off of my chest. I was still pissed with Tiffany no matter how much I wanted her.

I rung the bell and in less than a minute she was standing in front of me with next to nothing on. Her tight cami revealed her stiffened nipples and her boy cut panties were snug against her hips. I had to admit I couldn’t focus on how mad I was as I stared at her ass. She walked down the hall and I followed close behind. Hard to admit that less than an hour ago her nephew was on top of me and here I was lusting for her.

Did i mention how wrong this shit was on so many levels.

She led the way to her apartment down the hall. Once we got inside she closed the door and wrapped herself in my arms. At first I embraced her but then I pushed her away. I felt my anger resurfacing.

“What’s this about, Tiffany?” I asked.

“I needed to see you. I felt really shitty about the way things ended. We don’t have to have sex. I just want you to lay here with me just until the sun comes up.”

I thought to myself, the sunrise wasn’t all that far behind. Maybe she wanted a quickie and was just using this innocent shit to get to me. I wasn’t falling for it though.

Suddenly she stepped towards me again and kissed me. Her lips were so soft and she tasted so good. Oddly the only thing I could think about was her kissing and perhaps fucking whoever God knows who else. Yet I still continued to kiss her. I hated that I enjoyed every bit of her. I felt like Adam biting into the apple from the tree of forbidden fruit. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. She guided my hands behind her. Before I knew it my hands were everywhere. I was pulling on her hair, kissing her like crazy.

Suddenly I was calling her name as she kissed all over me. I must admit it felt good to touch her again. Shortly thereafter she took off her cami as I squeezed and sucked her breasts.

“Bitch!” I whispered out.

She ignored me falling deeper into the moment. We made our way to the couch and continued kissing.

“Whore!” I said a little louder.

“What?” she asked as she stopped kissing on me.

“I said you little fucking whore!” I repeated as wrapped my hands around her throat.

I didn’t know where the strength emitted from but I sure as hell was beginning to over power her. I squeezed harder until she gasped for air. She grabbed and scratched at my hands and face. She struggled for her freedom but it was of no use as I pushed all of my weight down onto her throat. A part of me wanted to stop but an even larger, much darker void inside of me wanted this bitch dead.

“I FUCKING HATE YOU!” I uttered as I squeezed harder.

She continued to gag and scratch at me but I could feel that she was weakening. I felt like a god as I continued to overpower her. It was liberating. I felt my soul, if there was any of it left becoming more free. I was escaping a life of being a prisoner of deceit and heartbreak. She looked up me as her teary eyes became bloodshot. Soon they were rolled in the back of her head. I started to let go as a burst of my consciousness started to rise but it was no match for the wrath festering inside of me. I wasn’t me any longer I was someone else altogether… something darker, something much colder.

Maybe it happened after fucking her nephew, maybe it happened when she told me that she didn’t want me. Fuck, maybe it was always there sitting silently in the back of my head waiting for the right moment to attack. Well this was it and there was no turning back.

Soon her waving, panting, and scratching was over.

The bitch was dead!

I wanted to cry because I almost felt bad but I almost couldn’t give a fuck about her any longer. There was so much more she had put me through besides this breakup. There was shit I let build up until this very moment.

Tiffany laid dead underneath me looking blankly past me. I wonder now what was her last thought. I got from atop of her limp body and looked down. The rational part of brain, which was trying to figure out a way to cover up what I had done was overcome by my own hysterical laughter. I didn’t think what I had done was funny. I think I was starting to go into shock or something. Better yet, I was losing my fucking mind. I shook her body to see if a part of her was alive and could be saved but it was too late. I had already committed murder.

My fucking God, I just killed somebody. I killed Tiffany, the love of my life.

Her body fell onto the floor suddenly and it scared the shit out of me. And with it, was one of her throw pillows. To my horror, I gasped out. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here I was starting to panic that I had committed the sin of all sins and there before me was a 9mm handgun.

“What the fuck?” I said out.

Was this chick going to do me in first? What I had done was no less wrong but it was out of passion. What the fuck would make her want to kill me? It didn’t matter now though, I had to get out of her apartment and fast. At least the kid was back at my place. He was my alibi.

A loud ringing came from nowhere. I recognized it as the ringtone from my cell phone. I had to find it. I couldn’t leave it here in Tiffany’s apartment. That would be all the evidence they need to prove that I was there. I looked around and patted myself down. I was careful not to touch anything near me. Suddenly it rang louder but it was no closer than before. I looked harder, straining my eyes. Then everything went dark.

I felt as if I had fallen to the floor.

I sat up.

I wasn’t at Tiffany’s any longer. Had I fainted? Everything was so dark yet the dim lights were blurred. My phone started to ring once more. I looked down and it was in my hand! My clothes as I noticed were off as well.

What the fuck?

I started to panic but then as my vision cleared and the room lit slightly from my cell phone, I realized that I was in fact in my very own apartment. I was in my bed and Lawrence was still snoring, tossing and turning.

I looked at my ringing phone and saw that it was Tiffany. I answered it although something was telling me that it was a bad idea.

“Hey!” a females voice said, it was Tiffany.

I nearly choked on my own spit.

“Hey.” I said back nervously.

“How are you?”

I coughed. “Tiffany, are you ok? What… What do you want?”

“I need you to come over is all.”

I knew where this was going. It was a fucked up replay or deja vu. But before she could say anymore I told her I was on the way.

“Give me…10 minutes.” I replied clearly.

Funny one minute I was choking the life out of her and the next I was back home.

It had all been a dream!

This time around however, I knew exactly what to expect and what I had to do next.



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