Never Forget To Lock Your Doors

She staggered drunkenly to her car. Layla had just left the most awesome Halloween party ever. You could tell she had a good time because her costume was all over the place. Half of the black feathers from the wings of her sexy dark angel costume were probably spread across the sticky floor of that club. It was dark but the late October air was still and for some reason, the weather wasn’t cool or crisp as previous years.

Maybe it was global warming or a late Indian summer, no matter what it was in was totally unseasonably hot. 80 degrees on an late October night in the city was unheard of especially in Philadelphia. But it made a for an awesome time for sexy, revealing costumes for the ladies, including Layla. She sported a black corset with black, satin ribbons, a black pettiskirt black and those black feathered wings. Her halo once stood up high in her curly, red highlighted brunette hair but now she clutched it in her hands along with her little silver clutch bag

Her girlfriends who had accompanied her were somewhere still at the party but Layla wanted to go home. Since nobody wanted to leave she insisted she was good enough to drive the few short ride home despite agreeing to an Uber. She had no business getting behind the wheel of a car but all she wanted right now was to get in her soft, warm bed. Her 2 friends had been successful in scoring dates to an after-party but Layla was all partied out for one evening.

She tried to shuffle faster to her car but it was harder than she thought given all the margaritas she had on top of all the random shots of who-knows-what kind of liquor. Layla almost contemplated sleeping it off in her car but she had a feeling of the creeps despite the area not being known for much crime.

She looked ahead and discovered her car exactly where she left it parked. Layla blinked her eyes harder and harder in an attempt to focus her double vision as she staggered along towards her little red Toyota. Eventually she mad her way to the driver’s side door and began her search for her keys in her bag. Despite the size of her small purse, she couldn’t locate them.

“FUCK!” She exclaimed out discovering that she didn’t have them with her.

She wondered if she dropped then or if one of her friends had them. Still she tugged at her car door. To her bewilderment, it opened. She had forgot to lick her door apparently. Sighing in relief, she got in her car and sat comfortably in the driver’s seat. She closed her eyes and rested her head back. Moments later she opened them and turned on the inside lights to look for her keys once more.

Layla was in luck! Her keys were actually still in her clutch. She gripped them, put them in the ignition and started her car. She turned off the inside lights. She proceeded to put the car in gear and pull off but it was then she hesitated.

Suddenly Layla screamed out.

Never forget to lock your doors,” she heard a whisper say.

Her screams continued to ring out from the car but to her dismay there was no one within miles to hear her… until there was utter silence.


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