Goddess of Love: a snippet from the novella, release TBD (explicit content)

…I pushed his head between my legs, running my hands through his short, curly hair. I felt his warm tongue on my clitoris. I moaned lightly as he started out slowly and sped up with short circles as he sucked on me. He pushed my legs back until my knees damn near touched my shoulders. His large hands made their way to my breasts and squeezed. I could feel my wetness merging with his saliva. This was the first bit of bliss I felt in ages. I must’ve tasted like fruit as he moaned and grunted while slurping my juices. I bit my lip as my moans increased. His mouth moved up and down from my pussy to my ass. I was his completely. I scratched his neck. My fingers were so tensed that could feel his skin breaking under my nails. He was in so much bliss that he didn’t care. He didn’t even wince at the pain. I placed my fingers to my mouth tasting a bit of his blood on my tongue. It was oddly exquisite. I don’t know what it was but I had an urge to taste him.

He pulled his head away for moment watching me squirm. Seconds later, his mouth was once more tasting me. I felt my muscles tightening and before I knew it, I was cumming on his chin. Despite my cried of pleasure, he kept going. It was as if he could not pull away. I nudged my body back to sit my body up. I felt him trying to pin me down but I was too strong for him.

It was my turn.

Careful to not let him enter me, I straddled on top of him and kissed him. It wasn’t out of passion but to allow myself to taste what he just had. It turned me on even more. I licked his neck and sucked right where I had scratched him. The cuts from my nails still had remnants of blood. He didn’t seem to care. I made my way to his chest rubbing his massive pectorals. God his body was perfect and for the moment it was mine to do whatever I pleased. I gripped his penis in my hand tightly and stroked it. I slowly crawled backwards. I heard his breathing intensify as I placed my mouth into him, my tongue circling the shaft of his dick.

“Good God woman,” he moaned.

I peeped up at him to see him looking down at me. He stopped me and pushed me backwards until my feet were on the floor and I was kneeling in front of him. He then stood up tall and placed my head into his crotch once more. His hands tangled in my hair as I bobbed my head back and forth. I felt his hands pushing me closer into him. I started to gag slightly. He got so entranced, he began stroking my mouth. I nearly choked as his dick pushed further into my mouth. I was not going to let him overpower me at least not in the way he thought. I grabbed a hold of his ass and pushed him deeper into my mouth. His dick was literally down my throat as he moaned louder.

“Baby, I’m so glad I hit you up. That mouth is ridiculous!” He exclaimed.

He gripped more of my hair in his hands and stroked my mouth again. At first he went slow but then his motions sped up until he was ramming himself into my face. I didn’t care. It was a turn on to feel him getting rougher with me. I looked up at him once more and he went crazy as our eyes met for the second time.

I felt his body trembling and at that moment I knew he was about to experience the same orgasm I just had. He pushed my head back just in time for me to see his semen oozing out. I placed my mouth back to him again just as he did to me. I wanted to taste even more of him. I sucked every last drop and pulled away. I smiled up at him as I swallowed the last of it. It was just as delightful as his blood tasted.

I never knew this side of me existed!

I stood to my feet and made my way to the bed. I heard him chuckle as I looked back to see him stroking his dick. After what I just did, I was sure he would be done.

Boy, was I wrong!

He walked up behind me and placed his hands onto the back of my neck and leaned me forward. He forced himself into me without wasting another moment. He stroked me slow but still aggressive that his balls were softly slapping the corners of my outer labia. I pushed my hips into him and he returned the favor of going faster. He wrapped his hands around my throat and squeezed as I arched myself backwards. He moved one hand away from my neck and onto one of my breasts and began plowing into me once more.


He gripped my neck tighter and I felt myself getting wetter. I almost forgot how much I liked being choked and gripped up. I tried to grip his dick inside of me and tighten my vaginal walls around him but my assumption that he was big was an understatement! It felt like he had a full dozen inches inside of me as far as I could tell. He continued thrusting as I let out a scream along with the small bit of air he allowed me to have left.

He choked me harder as he rammed into me. My walls around him squeezed tighter onto his dick until my body quivered. I felt a sensation within me and I suddenly lost control of my own vaginal muscles as I pushed the fluids out of me, exploding onto him. I almost thought I had urinated but we both knew well that I just had the most insane orgasm ever. He let go of my neck and slowly caressed my back.

“Somebody is a squirter,” he chuckled.

I fell forward onto the bed and moments later he did the same next to me.

I smiled and looked over at him. It quickly dissipated as I noticed him struggling for air. I didn’t know if he was having a heart attack or a seizure. I began panicking.


“I’m ok, I’m ok!” He finally replied. “I just need a moment.” He finished catching his breath.

I sighed in relief as his breathing normalized. Soon after he fell fast asleep. It was strange. I felt this feeling of euphoria and a burst of energy coursing through my veins. I thought about that strange woman I met, her ghastly image burned in my head right now. Despite it all, I felt good yet I had a odd feeling it had something to do with her as much as did sex with David. I shrugged it off and closed my eyes.

Copyright ©️2018 R.S. Lewis

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