12/22/07 – Twas the Nightmare before A Christmas Carol (PT. 2)

1200 clock

Melanie stared at her clock.  She began to obsess about her ex’s words.


Suddenly Melanie heard a deep clock bell chime from outside.  She jumped at the sound as her obsession turned to fear.  Her TV then shut off.  Melanie looked around but heard nothing but silence.  Her door then flew open and in stepped a tall handsome man who bared a striking resemblance to Tobey Maguire.


“Hi Melanie,”” He said. “I guess I don’t need an introduction.”

“You’re the guy that played Spider-Man?”  Melanie responded.

“No I’m just a manifestation of him.  But in all actuality I’m the ghost.”

“Oh!”  She exclaimed.”

“I’m just here to show you scenes of Christmas past.  Like a little re-run of your life. Just come on.  You’ll see.”

The ghost extended his hand as Melanie silently reached forward and took it.  There was a quick flash of light and then suddenly Melanie saw herself as a child sitting in front of a desk drawing pictures.  Little Melanie was in her bedroom alone.  There were hand sketched pictures all over her wall.  Her mother soon came into the room and stood by her and touched her shoulders.  Little Melanie looked up and smiled.  Her mother looked down at her and as tears clouded her eyes she kissed her forehead.

Her mother then began to exit the room but not before placing a small wrapped gift onto her bed.

“Mel, don’t stay up too late.”

“OK mommy. Can I go to bed after this picture?”  The little girl asked.

“Sure honey.”

Tobey, the ghost looked at adult Melanie who was beginning to cry.

“This was the last Christmas we spent together.  She spent her last bit of her money on a Barbie doll for me.  She died just after Christmas Day.”

“You were a cute kid.” Tobey the ghost said.

“Thanks.” Melanie said.

There was another flash of light and Melanie could see herself in undergrad at college.  She was studying for a final as the other dorm-mates were having some sort of Christmas party.

Her main room-mate was kissing a guy under the mistletow as Melanie continued to study with headphones were shoved on her head.  

“Mel,” The girl shouted after kissing the boy and shoving passed him. “You are missing one awesome party.”

“I have this crazy final.”

“OMG! Mel it’s a take home that’s not due until the Monday, The very last day of school. This is the last Friday until we all go home to our ordinary lives. You have to let down and have a good time for once in your life.”

A tall guy walked in, slid in between both girls and placed a soft kiss onto Melanie’s cheek.

“I missed you.” he said.

“Jared,” Melanie exclaimed. “I missed you too but seriously I have a final. I told you that earlier.”

“I thought I’d come by and give you a little something for Christmas.””Jared said.

“Thank you but I really need to finish.  I will come by your dorm later. OK?”

“Well if you were listening to me instead of cramming your head in a book then you would know that I was leaving in the morning.”

“Well I will call you then.” Melanie said as she continued to ignore Jared.

As Jared stormed out of the room, Melanie looked down at the gift on the desk. It was a small blue box from Tiffany’s.  She peeped inside and saw a sterling silver charm necklace.  

There was then a flash of light.  Melanie and Tobey, the ghost were at a hospital.  They had just rushed her boyfriend in, Jared.  He had been robbed and shot.  The muggers had apparently taken his gifts, money and credit cards.  They shot him and left him for dead in alley.  He was eventually found by a homeless man.  Melanie could then see herself frantically running toward the doctors. 

This was the last holiday that her and her boyfriend would spend together.  She was in hysterics and crying.  Earlier that night they spent time decorating the house and tree.  Eventually she gave him tickets to see his favorite team in the playoffs, cologne and a watch.  Jared had given her just one small gift, unbeknownst to her at the time it was a diamond engagement ring.  He had originally planned to propose on Christmas Eve but held off to do it the following morning.  Instead that night he had did some last-minute shopping for a holiday party they were having. Melanie recalled the attitude she had given him for not getting her more gifts.  She did’t vocalize it but Jared being the nice person he was decided, another gift wouldn’t hurt his pockets.

Unfortanely, Jared had been shot point blank in the head.  He suffered massive brain damage and was dead on arrival at the hospital. 

hospital trauma er scene

“Enough.” Melanie said to the ghost.   

And with that there was a flash of light.

“Melanie, your early years were spent ignoring the people in your life at the most important times.  Now you see that no time should be wasted because it might be that final chance to spend it with someone you love.”

“OK!OK! I get it now.  Can we go home now please?”

“Sure thing.” Tobey said.

And with another sudden flash, Melanie was sitting on her couch again.

Before Melanie could look for the ghost.  She felt her room and surroundings shaking.  She thought that it was a earthquake but it couldn’t be one in the middle of Philadelphia.  Her pictures, figurines and candles fell off the stands and tables.

“MELANIE!” She heard echo within her walls.

Melanie looked around.  She then gasped in horror as a skeleton stepped inside her living room.


“MELANIE…Come with me!”


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