10/03/07 – Random Tales of the Drunken Insomniac – A Love U-Turn (part 2)

DISCLAIMER: The first of a lil mini-series that I am putting together! The following is fictional and any persons portrayed are the twisted delusions of my own head.


A Love U-Turn

1:45 AM.

That’s what my car clock read.

I couldn’t believe that I had been sitting in my car for two hours.

I wished to God I could say that I was a victim of daylight savings time or something. But I wasn’t, I was just damn pathetic. I had already written three text messages that resulted in becoming drafts because I hadn’t sent them to Tiffany yet. I even attempted to call her. Why? Either I was still plotting her demise or plotting my own.

I looked up at her window again. Her bedroom lights finally went out. Maybe it was time for me to go home and get some rest as well. But I couldn’t. I was too damn restless after what had just took place. I was wired even without the caffeine! But above all I still had the urge to fuck her.

DAMN! I am so pathetic!

Suddenly I heard my phone blaring and lighting up the darkness of my car. My heart skipped a beat but as I looked at it, I felt a slight disappointment. It was Lawrence, her nephew mind you, the kid I used to babysit over a decade ago…not to mention had a recent “episode” with.

What did he want? I didn’t really want to talk to him. Shit, I honestly didn’t feel like talking to anyone. Well except for Tiffany. I let it ring until it stopped on its own. I figured he’d leave a voicemail but to my surprise, he called me right back five seconds later. I hated when people did that. Why not leave a message? Why not wait for me to call back?

I answered this time around. It had better been an emergency.

“Yea! What do you want?” I asked without hiding the agitation in my voice.

“Can you come and get me?” he asked with a slight hint of desperation in his voice, something I was well accustomed to.

He hadn’t asked his aunt and if he did she’d probably say no. I guess I was neutral enough to trust or maybe just gullible to him.

“Where are you?” I bit the bait and asked.

Honestly it was better than sitting in my car obsessing over a girl who’d rather fuck somebody other than the woman who loved her.

STOP, I thought to myself in my loudest mental voice. So much so that I hadn’t heard the kid give me his location. Besides I needed to do a good deed for the night before bed, whenever that was going to be. Maybe it would make up for all the crazy thoughts of Tiffany I was having.

“So where did you say you were again?”

“Damn, wasn’t you paying attention?” he asked impatiently.

“If I was, would I have asked you to repeat it?” I asked sarcastically, “Do you want a ride or not?”

He sighed heavily.

I see the attitude runs in the family.

“I’m on 25th street. Not too far from Tiff’s!” he said.

He had to say her name. I heard it echo in my head but I pushed past it.

“I just left her house. I’m not far. Give me five minutes.”

I pulled out of my parking space, made a quick U-turn and I sped off. I’m sure someone in that neighborhood heard my car zoom out of there like a flash of lightening in the middle of the night.

I was there within minutes and I could see him standing on the next corner. His tall, slender frame hunched over and covered in a baggy, grey hoodie. As the headlights of my car caught his attention, he looked up and immediately recognized my car. He jogged over towards it and hopped inside. As soon as he plopped into the passenger side, he gave me odd look.

I was curious, “What’s up with you?”

“I’m good. But I gotta stay at your place tonight,” he asked without thinking that he could’ve been imposing.

“Dude, I agreed to come and get you because I was still up and already in my car. But now is not a good time for you to be crashing anywhere near me.”

“Please! My mom locked me out and the block is hot. You know my mans got shot the other night. We don’t even know if he’s gonna make it. I can’t be out here much longer.”

I put my car in drive and began to pull off. I didn’t say anything nor did I look his way but I knew that he was piercing a hole in my head.

Within ten minutes, we arrived in front of my house. I got out. As I walked toward my front door, I kept my silence. I nearly slammed the door behind me but the lil fucker caught it.

“So it’s like that? I can’t stay here? I’m saying, it’s only for one night.”

I turned to finally face him.

“Look! One night, on the couch, no noise, no tv, no radio, no weed and lastly no nothing.”

“Alright. It’s cool. I got it. I’m too tired to be up much longer. I know you’re tired too. What you doing up this late, anyhow?”

I nearly gagged on my own saliva at the question.

“Nothing. I just left Tiff’s.” I replied.

“I talked to her tonight. She wouldn’t let me stay either. But that was way before I called you. She said she was on her way to bed. What? You must’ve snuck out?”

“Do you want to play detective or have a place to sleep tonight?” I snapped.

He nodded his head and laid on the couch. I walked towards my bedroom but not before stopping to hang up my jacket. Once I entered my room, I quickly took off my shirt and began undressing myself. I nearly got in bed naked but then I remembered that I had company. I walked over to my dresser to see if I could find a large t-shirt.

Before I knew it, there was Lawrence standing at my bedroom door. He was nearly nude himself, except for his boxers. His muscular torso moving in and out from deep breaths of air.

I immediately covered myself.

“What the fuck are you doing? Go back on that couch.” I asked.

“NO!” he simply replied.

“What do you mean, no?”

“I meant that I’m not sleeping on the couch.”

“GET OUT!” I demanded.


I didn’t care what was or wasn’t covering me. I was about to beat his ass. As soon as I went to shove him out of my bedroom, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into him.

Damn he was strong, I thought.

“What the…” I started to utter.

But I was interrupted by the wildest kiss ever.

I attempted to pull away but it wasn’t hard enough… then something happened.

I gave in completely. In fact I pushed him against the wall and kissed him back with a hint of passion.

WHAT WAS I DOING? My loud mental voice was yelling. This wasn’t like before. I wasn’t even drunk.

I couldn’t blame it, the voice in my head. I was a full out lesbian about to have sober sex with a kid way younger than me who happened to be the nephew of my so-called girlfriend. It was beyond wrong, it was fucked up. Having rebound sex wasn’t bad enough, but having it with this guy was just horribly a plea for help. Did I emphasize that it was THIS GUY! I mean he’s half my age.

We eventually made it to the floor right by the bed. We didn’t even make it into the bed. Before I could utter a word, he slid himself inside of me. Hardly no time to check if he had on a condom.

Wait did he put on a condom? I wondered. WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?

Maybe he put it on beforehand. I had no clue to be honest. A part of me didn’t want to care. Hell maybe he planned this whole quick arrangement.

He began to stroke me harder. I still kept thinking about Tiffany. I remember fucking her hard judt like this. I wrapped my hands around his neck. He grabbed my shoulders. I moaned out. Oddly I enjoyed it much like before. But then I saw Tiffany’s face the entire time. Her nephew wasn’t fucking me…she was.

Oh my God, I’m going crazy. I thought to myself.

But I didn’t care. I was about to climax. Oddly with less and less thought, Tiffany faded more from my memory as he continued. And I couldn’t lie, I enjoyed it. My arms flew off of him as i felt my entire body tensing and my muscles tightening. Damn was this kid, a boy about to make me cum again and without much thought…


It slipped out but I couldn’t help it. I felt amazing all over. I caught my breath. I glimpsed at him as he finished himself off. Talk about quickie! Damn was it already over?

I stood to my feet to see him climbing in the bed.

“I never changed my mind about the couch.” I said

“And I never changed my mind about saying NO!” he replied.

I was too tired and weak to argue. It had been a long night.

Fuck it, I thought.

I climbed in beside him and fell fast asleep.



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