09/13/07 – The Virus Within (Excerpt from Chapter 19)

By: R. S. Lewis

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The Virus Within went on sale in August of 2008. Stay tuned for updates.
Excerpt From Chapter 19, The Virus Within

Suddenly Charlotte woke up.
She looked around realizing she was in her apartment once again. She quickly sat up in her bed and looked around. It was total darkness in her room. Her clothes were on and she could hear the television still on in the living room.
“Was that a dream?” She asked herself under her breath.
“That,” Victor’s voice said as he walked in the room turning on the lights. “Was no dream, my love.” He finished as he walked inside.
Charlotte quickly stood to her feet and hopped to the opposite side of the bed.
“Victor . . .” Charlotte paused as she gathered herself.
“GET THE HELL OUT OF MY APARTMENT!” She then screamed.
“There is no need to be alarmed. I will not hurt you.” He said standing at the door of her bedroom.
“Just stay away from me! I don’t know who or what the fuck you are but I am gonna call the police if you don’t leave now.”
“There is no need for that, Charlotte.” He said calmly.
“You killed that girl and those other women in the alley and no counting how many other innocent people.”
“Only for good reason but if you calm yourself I will tell you everything. I am sorry to have hid this from you for so long but your life depended on it.”
“Good reason? What the fuck is the good reason? What would make you do such crazy shit? What are you?” She asked, her heart beating faster.
“Trust me when I say I never wanted it to have to come to this. But the honest truth is that I am an immortal being, a vampire. Night after night I feed on living blood to survive. I tried to keep it away from you fearing that you would never believe me or want to ever see me again. And of course you knowing of this information would have held your own life in danger.”
“And you figured that I’d never find out?” Charlotte asked.
“I, in fact feared that very thing but you mustn’t worry of that anymore.”
“Why? Are you going to kill me too?” She asked as she gulped a large amount of saliva down her throat.
“No I could never. I love you far too much but with you holding this particular information about me poses a serious threat to my kind.”
She then began to cry staring at him unable to find words. He then walked toward her.
“There are more of you? STOP! Stay right there.” Charlotte paused as she placed her hands to her forehead, followed by her neck. “The marks on my neck… are they from you?”” She asked.
“Yes, there are more of my kind out there but nowhere near here, and yes I did taste of you but never to drain you of life. You must not be afraid of me Charlotte and trust me when I say that I will not hurt you.”
“You drank my blood and then made love to me as if you were human?” She paused and thought about the near future again, “If you’re not going to hurt me then what are you going to do?” She asked.
Victor walked up to her and looked down at her, a single tear managed to fall from his eye. He looked in her hurting yet somewhat fearful eyes.
“Charlotte, I can no longer stay in fear that some mortal harm will come to you for knowing what I am now. There are those of us who can hear the thoughts of humans. And if they were made aware that we were together, then it would be dreadful. If things were different I would have told you what I was long ago but it was impossible for you to understand it. I know now that I regret more than anything not telling you. It was selfish of me to want something so badly.” He said as he placed his hand to her face.
She began to cry more but as she closed her eyes, Charlotte continued to picture him on top of that woman. She opened them again to see him moving his hand from her face.
He began to speak to her through telepathy, You must never tell anyone anything of me. Charlotte you have to forget me now.
His words began to float in her head and she began to get dizzy and feel faint once more.
“No matter what I will somehow still love you.” She said to him and suddenly she began to see straight.
She didn’t know why she was so attached to Victor but she wasn’t at all afraid for herself but more so for him and their relationship together. Charlotte was ready because now she knew the inevitable. “”NO! Charlotte you cannot do this. FORGET ME NOW! Listen to my words.” He said aloud as he began to weep even more.
“I can’t forget that I still love you even if you are what you say you are. And from what I know now, I believe you. I don’t know why I can’t let you go.”
“Charlotte you cannot live with this secret. It will destroy us both.”

“Then take my life like you did that woman.”
“NO! I love you too much to do that. This is why you will forget any knowledge of me.”
“NO! I guess I will have to be tormented with this secret until I die. So whatever danger there is for me, let it come and take me,” she said boldly under her tears.
Victor stood looking silent at her knowing that he had two options left and leaving her with this secret was not one of them. He then grabbed her arm gently and pulled her close to him looking in her eyes. He rubbed her hair and then kissed her on her lips softly. He could hear her heart still beating somewhat fast. He then stopped and looked her in her eyes, which were still filled with tears.
“Then I have no other choice but to take your life now. I am so sorry my Charlotte but there is no other way if you will not allow your mind to release me,” he said.
Charlotte found herself unable to move as he looked into her eyes. She knew that she could never keep something like this without going completely mad if she wasn’t already. Victor then placed his cool lips to her neck feeling her warm skin against them. She dropped her arms to her sides as she prepared to meet her fate, too helpless and paralyzed to move. He then bit his fangs inside of her tasting her blood perhaps one last time. Victor felt a rush of different feelings and emotions over come him. As he continued to drink she whispered in his ear, her heart rate had already slowed down to the point of near death.
“I will always love you…” Charlotte faintly whispered.

The Virus Within.
Copyright © 2008 by R.S. Lewis.

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