01/18/08 – 2:33 AM (Explicit Content)

Introduction: The following short story is a short story entry that I participated in over 10 years ago.  Contestants were give 2 very random topics to write about that had to be incorporated together.  I can’t completely recall but we had a choice to pick one of the topics and the other was up to the powers that be.  I believe the bizarre choice I was given was erotica but I know I chose ghosts for the one topic.
The contest was called the: Blogger’s Carnivale and yes…((I WON))
Disclaimer: The following blog is of mature, sexual explicit nature and is rated NC-17.   If you are easily offended by said material for any reason than please do not continue on.  Yes we all know…I don’t write detailed nudey stuff like this but why not, it’s for a contest.
Here goes, this is my blog entry for Madame eDQ’s Carnivale. 

…You have been warned

Janice laid in bed alone looking up at the ceiling. Her bedside alarm read 1:00 AM. Ricky hadn’t come home yet but nothing was surprising about that. As she began to drift off she heard the sound of her door open and close downstairs. Right on time, she thought. She rolled over on her side as she waited for Ricky to climb into bed. Moments later he did exactly that.

“Have fun?” Janice asked.

“Oh just another night out with the fellas. Nothing special. I missed you,” he responded.

“I missed you too,” she lied.

Suddenly she felt his rough hands up her night shirt and rolled her eyes as he began his ritual.  He reeked of alcohol and cigarettes and all she wanted to do was sleep peacefully.  However, as she felt something warm poke at her from behind, she knew exactly what was next.

Ricky kissed her neck and breathed aloud. He soon turned her slender body over and spread her legs. Without hesitation, Ricky stuck his penis inside of her vagina. It was barely wet as he began to stroke her fast and rough. He grunted while thrusting in and out of her. Janice mustered out a moan while carelessly placing her arms around his neck.

“OH GOD!” Ricky let out as he quickly came.

He then rolled off of her and soon fell asleep. Janice rolled her eyes and sighed in disappointment but eventually drifted off asleep. She craved more than the humping her boyfriend provided. And although he was nicely endowed, their sex was seriously lacking in excitement.

The next evening Janice walked home from work at the bar. It was a pleasantly warm August night with a nice breeze. The time was precisely 2:33 AM as Janice gazed at her watch. She took a different route past an old house on Melbourne Avenue because she knew it was faster. It was a grand architecture of Victorian build and stood far back from the sidewalk where she now stood. Once a beautiful manor to a rich oil tycoon, it was eventually turned into a bordello. It was shut down sometime in the 70’s and had been abandoned since then.

old mansion

As Janice walked by, she felt a breeze pass her and a chill creep down her body. She soon stopped to see if anyone was around, but she was completely alone.

Come inside and have the time of your life!” Janice heard a woman’s whisper from nowhere with the howling wind..

She turned around once more but saw no one. She looked up at the house and notice that the door was opened. She closed her eyes to see if her mind was playing tricks on her but it was still open.

Come inside…for dinner!” She heard the womanly whisper again.

She ducked under the ragged fence and went toward the house. Afraid, she called out, “HELLO? IS SOMEBODY THERE?”

No one answered but still she kept onward to the large porch of the house. She reached the opened door and peeped inside but saw nothing but decayed and scorched furniture, dust and spider-webs. Soon she stopped while realizing that venturing inside was absurd. Nonetheless she continued. She stepped inside of the abandoned manor and quickly felt a wind push her completely inside and slam the door behind her.

Janice turned around and attempted to open the door but it was locked. She then reached for her cell phone in her bag but as she found it, it read NO SIGNAL. She began to cry fearing that she would never escape. She then heard the whisper again but this time it was in her ear and not the wind.


Suddenly Janice dropped her phone but as she stood up the house inside lit up and in front of her appeared a young woman, naked with long red hair. Her body was pale all over.  It glided toward her and without another sound knocked her down to the floor. She struggled to stand back up but could not. She was pinned down somehow. She began to scream out in fear but felt her cries silenced by a cold, wet sensation. Suddenly the woman was kissing her! Her breast were pressed against Janice’s body as the strange woman continued atop of her. She tried to resist but then felt a chill followed by a warmth creeping throughout her body. The woman’s tongue was massaging her own!

After another moment of hesitation, Janice returned the kiss with passion, feeling herself overwhelmingly aroused. She felt the strange woman’s cool hands caress her breasts. Janice then lifted her shirt and saw that her bra was already undone. She felt a cool tongue suck and lick on her nipples while a hand rubbed the other breast. She moaned slightly as she felt herself getting wet below. The hands then glided down to her pants and quickly undid them. Before she knew it, they were already at her ankles. She felt her panties ripped from off of her followed by a cool hand on her vagina.

She soon felt a cool sensation as she took notice that a finger was lodged deeply inside of her.  Janice could see the strange red-head woman kissing on her breasts still but said nothing as she breathed heavier and heavier. The woman then advanced her head toward her navel and kissed there only for a second. Before Janice could say anything, she let out a cry of pleasure. She then felt a cool tongue on her clitoris. It licked up and down as well as in circles. Janice then placed her own hands to her breast and squeezed them as the woman continued to suck and nibble on her below. She spread her legs as far as she could and cried out loudly.

“OH! AH! UNH! EAT MY PUSSY! RIGHT THERE. DON’T STOP! AH! PLEASE DON’T STOP!” She cried out again and again.

She felt a strong sensation shoot straight from her ass up to her back and throughout her body as she moaned and screamed in pleasure. Janice then felt the cool fingers inside of her once more as the woman continued to kiss on her vagina. In no time at all she felt the strangest sensation near her anus as another finger was inserted there as well.  Both the anal and vaginal penetration erupted screams from Janice as the two continued on the floor.

“OH MY GOD! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! OH GOD!” Janice cried aloud.

She felt her muscles all over her body tighten as they never had before. She felt it all over her body as she continued to moan and breathe heavily, her eyes closed tight.

“OH SHIT! FUCK!” Janice let out as she finally came.

She trembled, panted, and tried to catch her breath.  Janice laid completely still in silence ready to meet the one who pleased her so just as a whisper called out, “Thanks for Dinner!

She opened her eyes and sat up just barely. There was no one there! As she tried to focus, she noticed that the dim light was now gone, and the only light came from a nearby streetlamp outside. She looked around but still saw no one at all. She was alone once again. She quickly gathered her clothes and got dressed. She then ran from the house and toward home. She could still feel the sensation of the red headed woman. She didn’t know what to make of what had happened.

Once she got home, she saw that Ricky was not there. Despite his absence, she did not care and eventually drifted off to sleep.  She was in such a deep sleep that she hadn’t even heard him come in that night.

Janice slept in bed all day after that. When she eventually got up, she took a shower and went downstairs. She fixed herself something to eat and climbed back upstairs and got into bed. Ricky was at work and perhaps would not be coming back until late. But for some reason, all that Janice could think of was her experience last night. Who was that woman, she wondered? Janice was so exhausted that she called out from the bar that night. She was about to call Ricky to tell him dinner was in the microwave but could not find her phone. She looked everywhere but it was nowhere to be found. She then continued watching TV until she heard Ricky enter the bedroom. Janice was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn’t heard him come inside the house at all.

“Have you seen my phone?” Janice asked him.

“No. I’ve been calling you all day. It’s no wonder that you didn’t answer.”

He began to get undressed while yawning aloud. He barely looked Janice’s way as he finally laid down.

“Well, I am beat. I’m heading to sleep,” he said and within moments he did exactly that.

Janice stared at the late show for as long as she could before heading to sleep herself. As she turned off the TV, she paid no attention to the alarm clock as it blinked. She reached for the nearby lamp on the nightstand to turn it off and quickly shut her eyes. She soon opened them and looked at the clock blinking 2:33AM. She turned it around to go back to sleep but suddenly she felt the something cold under the sheets. She looked over at Ricky who was already snoring.

You forgot something and so did I. It’s time for dinner,” she heard a woman’s whisper.

Janice tensed up as she feared waking Ricky up but as soon as she felt the cool fingers inside of her vagina, she breathed heavily. She quickly removed her nightshirt and spread her legs in anticipation. She saw the red-headed woman in between them crawling upward toward her. She slowly pressed her lips onto Janice’s and kissed her passionately. The woman rubbed on her breasts and squeezed them. She then moved her lips to Janice’s neck and kissed her there as well as her collarbone. She then grabbed a handful of Janice’s hair and pulled her head back while continuing to kiss her.

She moved her lips onto Janice’s breasts and licked her nipples while gently gripping them with her teeth. It all felt so surreal as Janice moaned louder. Ricky tossed but still did not wake up.

The red-headed woman then licked Janice from her chest down to the crevice between her thighs. Before long she already had her head nestled between Janice’s legs. She kissed, nibbled and licked her clitoris gently at first but then with more speed and force. Before she knew it, her hands were tangled in the strange woman’s hair. Janice gripped it tightly and moan out, “Take my Pussy!”

The red-headed woman then held onto Janice by her legs and hoisted her up toward her even more. Janice tried to control her actions, but they were out of control as she arched her back and moaned out. The fingers inside of Janice’s vagina stroked her faster and faster. The woman then pulled away and tuned Janice onto her stomach and arched her back pulling her up toward her until Janice’s ass was completely in the air. She inserted a wet finger into Janice’s ass and stroked her once more. She then placed her face onto Janice again and extended her tongue back onto her clitoris. The woman turned tilted her head and stretched hr tongue even further. She placed a free hand under Janice and rammed her hand inside of Janice’s wet pussy. Janice felt herself about to come as the woman continued from behind. She grabbed forward at the pillows and wall as she moaned louder and louder.  She was ready to explode.


She caught her breath and turned around to see the naked woman standing to her feet. As the woman licked her lips and smiled, she looked back at Janice and said, “Thanks for dinner!

She then turned and walked toward the wall, vanishing right through it! Janice looked with her eyes wide trying to place what happened. She called out, “WAIT!” She then heard a beep and saw that her phone was now right beside the alarm clock that still blinked 2:33 AM. This time she did awaken Ricky who looked over at her naked.

“Sweetie?” He asked.

“I had this crazy ass dream. I’m OK. don’t worry. Go back to sleep,” Janice replied.

She turned around but not before long, Ricky entered her, ignoring her offer to go back to sleep.

“Damn, I hoped you dreamed of me,” he said as he slid inside of her with ease.

He continued to pound inside of her and for some reason, Janice was more into it. She moaned out but not without thinking about that strange woman. She felt a chill creep all over her as an image of the woman popped in and out of her head. Ricky soon came and laid back down. Janice looked over at him and kissed him on the lips. The two of them fell fast asleep.

Janice never saw or heard from the woman again. Although she walked past the house as many times as she could, there was still nothing. As she walked by one night, she noticed a zoning sign that read condemned and hazard. She focused harder noticing the condemned date that read June 1975…

It was 2 months and 33 years earlier to the day. The bordello caught on fire one night and no one survived…


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