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Victor, an immortal of more than two hundred years from Old Europe has found himself on the shores of present day Philadelphia.  His presence in this new era, alien to the time of horse and carriage he was once accustomed of.  He yearned for the taste of new blood however the bloodlust wasn’t his only vendetta here on new land.  Harboring a dark secret since becoming a vampire, Victor has come in search of an intense hunt yet seeks refuge here in America.  In lusting for the taste of a fresh kill, he ends up finding something he thought to be impossible and unattainable…love.  Victor has not touched a woman without the intent of feeding since his beloved fiancé died over two centuries ago.  He has preyed upon innocent and guilty alike in search of nothing except the taste of blood in a never-ending attempt to find the bliss of freedom.  Victor seeks freedom from the fact that his soul has been cursed with this virus as he lurks the streets every waking night.  The thought of it pollutes his entire existence.  Although it was forbidden to make another, Victor would rather violate the rules of all of the Immortals if it could free him from his misery.  But that was a choice he had refused to make for this long and would continue to do so in knowing that it would only curse another poor soul as it did his own.

He hates yet adores his creator and is the epitome of conflict.  In turn he carries a self-loathing yet it never prevents from him from surviving.  He has successfully continued to evade hunters, one in particular, Williams.

Williams has trailed Victor longer than any other hunter and to this day has posed the greatest threat to him.  He has left Williams on a ghost trail somewhere in Western Europe around modern day Portugal.  Victor’s only relief in America, where other Immortals in particular the Elders go to retreat in search of youthful and gluttonous blood.  It is here where the high murder rates in inner cities disguise the brutal feedings that only vampires can bring.  Although Victor comes with the same intent in mind, he soon finds out that his world will be flipped upside down when he falls in love…with a human girl.  Maybe it is the beauty of her subtle, tan complexion reminiscent of his lost love that woos him.  Whatever it may be, it has sparked something inside Victor that he can no longer deny.  On the other hand, loving another can prove more difficult for a vampire than a mere human, yet Victor proceeds to ignore every rule and precaution he knows for just another moment near his newest fascination.

How can it be that an Immortal who has not loved since his days of being human more than 200 years ago discover that his heart can still feel?  A woman it seems has Victor’s dead blood boiling inside of him.  To be near her is like being reborn yet so consequentially deadly.  However he cannot stray her side, she is intoxicating to him.  Charlotte, the mortal woman he craves beyond the lust for blood itself has Victor infatuated with every fiber of her being.  This woman, it seems has peeked every emotion inside of him including those thought to have died with his humanity.

“”The Dead Too Can Love.””

The Virus Within is the debut, erotic, thriller about love, betrayal and immortality from author R.S. Lewis.  In Stores, August 2007.


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