04/07/07 – HELP!!!!!!!!!

Ok This blog will be quick! ( I PROMISE)

I just wanted to let all my friends and homies know that!  I will be putting a new book out sometime this winter!  And if you’re thinking “What happened to August?”  That one (The Virus Within) is still a go (still on track)  I just am having a bit of trouble here because my alter ego (Sher’rei) is trying to get a piece of the action and put some literary skills out there for all to see!  I need the help of all my MySpacers, friends and family to pick out the one that will be well “The One”  The title/topics are below as listed!

1. Ebony Eyes – About a young girl (Ebony) who is 15 dating a 35 yr. old!  It deals with love and responsibilty from the view of herself, her parents as well as friends and the infamous love interest!  Is it really love or statutory rape?

2. Twist – About a woman who is 20-30 something dealing with settling down and sexuality!  She is every independant woman’s idol and every man’s fantasy!  But she has yet to slow or settle down even as she gets older!  Also it dives into friendships with those who you think are friends and those who are just there for the ride!

3. While On Campus – About you guessed it life in college, racism, sexism, sexuality, friendship and drama!

4. (Title TO BE ANNOUNCED) – A lesbian love story about a woman who meets another woman online who is totally secure about her life as a lesbian but she on the other hand is still in the closet to all who know her.  Things go well but later take a turn for the worse!

5. (Title 2 TO BE ANNOUNCED) – About twin brother and sister who grow up apart.  The son has moved down to Atlanta with his mother after a bitter divorce while his sister remains at home in Philly with dad!  Well after a decade and a half, the daughter, a stud with too many femmes to count who has helped run a contracting business with dad accepts an unexpected transfer to Spelman College!  Well home sickness is the least of her worries when she sees how things get down in the durty durty!  She stays close to her brother along with his best friend.  Things however get tricky when his best friend eventually falls for the sister!

Well th-th-th-that’s all folks!  Drop me a line and let me know what you think!  Pending the arrival and success of Ms. Lewis’ (me) anticipated first story, Sher’rei is dying to get on the scene!  For all those who don’t know, Sher’rei is all about the drama and hood books! Myself, I dwell in the fantasy and occult type stories, i.e. vampires, witches, cannibals and such!  She is my Terry McMillan to me and my Anne Rice type-self!

Anywho…help a sister out because Sher’rei is outta control and I can’t hold her back much longer!  Sad she is just as indecisive as me!



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