01/02/08 – poem of thought NUMBER 20


I posted this little thing on a friend’s poetry blog…felt more fitting here!  My quickest written poem ever!

I feel the pain run across my heart from within
Like salt on open wounds across my skin
There is a void now where she once was
I feel that it was nothing more than her love

Was it my issues or anal methods driving her away
Perhaps it was my hours at work every day
No, No it was my friends and how I dedicated them my time
Whatever it was I regret it intensely so much that I cannot deny

She left me here alone and cold
And to think one day we’d grow old
She was my star, my love and my light
And now I’d give my right arm to have her in my sight

Maybe I should have appreciated her more than I showed
However my pride overtook my actions and resentment had grown
Some say we weren’t made for each other…bullocks I say to the doubters
I loved her like a man loves his wife but I have yet to reclaim her

When you are gay and a straight woman has your affection
The agony is like chasing the shadow of a reflection
The pain runs across your heart from within
Like salt on open wounds across your skin

Copyright © 2008 by R.S. Lewis



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