04/25/07 – STALKERS

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I met a fine young thing, who said she was 21!
Come to find out she couldn’t chill in a bar
The lying girl was too damn young

So I took her to my place, big ass mistake
After I got in those panties, I thought it was 4 fun
She told me if I left her, Her heart would ache

So I tried to let her down real nice N slow
Bad move on my behalf
The chick got more sprung and wouldn’t let me go

She started screamin, fuck me, hold me, love me GURL
She said my handle felt so damn good, too good to drop
The thought of me down below made her toes curl

I told her once and I told her again
I never wanted anything serious
All I ever wanted was a friend

She claimed it was never enough, she needed me more
I told her stop playing you’re not my type
She proceeded to call me a fucking whore

I told her it is what it is, to let me hit was wrong
So she slapped me hard in the face
Grabbed her shit, and finally she was gone

I felt bad hurting her and breaking her heart
But she should’ve listened, I was for real
I had no time for games or love from the start

AM I wrong? Naw I don’t think so but one thing is for sure
I wish I never had met her, just ignored everything about her
Now here she is calling me again standing at my front door

The moral of the story is…there is no moral to tell
Sometimes you get in real good
And often times you feel like you’re burning in hell

What do I do now? I could tell her nicely again to back off
But what good would it do? I’m fucked!
I broke a flood gate and now I can’t shut the water off.

I knew messing with someone younger was too much to handle
But she looked so damn good in those tight jeans
Lust has got me up shit’s creek without a fucking paddle


The moral of my lil poem is that you will meet people who are discontent with their purpose in your life.  Yet they struggle to hold on to their 15 minutes with dear life by clenching your heels.  But to the same extent you cannot lead people on.  Although if you are blunt in the beginning, you have to always be upfront and stick to your convictions.  I know it’s hard work but it’s worth it in the end I don’t care how good the sex is, it’s better to let go if it ain’t right.

One person loves while the other does not.  It burns so badly but whenever it’s not mutual you have to back off and not come on too strong…

Otherwise it’s just detrimental to everyone!



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