12/11/07 – What you are…Who I am

Diw Writing on the wall

I thought that the best part of me
was loving someone like you.

But I find it impossible when
pondering all of the things that you do.

In all honesty, I feel myself falling into
a mindless self loathing.

The lies you told have draped me
with a false sense of controlling.

It never made any sense to me that
I allowed you to ever hurt me.

Yet you forced me into darkness,
a silent hole filled with insecurity.

I thought that I could be brave but
you showed me the err of my own ways.

I fought with your lies and deceit
and cried endless nights and days.


Every time I think of you, I shield my face
I used to hide in shame and live in disgrace.

You never believed in anything I could do
yet I thought that I couldn’t survive without you.

You shrugged your shoulders at me with doubt
However it is me that you confide in now

Cleverly we both see that it is me that you need
Consequently, you feel my pain as my palms bleed.

We are nothing if we are not the same
But now it is you who shall fear and respect my name.

For my wise pen is mightier than your brute sword
To be controlled by you nothing more than awkward

I mold my destiny and am in control of my future
And you are nothing but my reflection in the mirror

Copyright © 2007 by R.S. Lewis


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