10/25/07 – The worst/best of me

Diw Writing on the wallBeautiful, disturbed, torn, frayed
Yet still in tact
My power is the storm over the sea
I am nature at its worst and destruction at its best

I am the flame you feel
I am the air you breathe

I infect you
I destroy
I mend
I complete you

I am everything that you loathe
Yet everything that you want to be
I am desire
I am pain

I am whole when you are nothing
I feed off your misery
Yet I give you strength to do anything

When you are at your worst, your mind is at its best
Free of pollution
Free to achieve new heights
I am the essence of revenge
The fist of perseverance
and the final blow of defeat

I am the fear that keeps you up at night
And the hope that drives you in the morning
I am everything
I am nothing

I am your God

I am inspiration

Copyright © 2007 by R.S. Lewis



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