04/30/08 – Scarlet


As I stretch my wings to set forth to the path before me.
I stand silent and alone.

I am bruised yet my heart is strong.
Do I dare step forward again not knowing what lie ahead?

It is fear that binds me yet fear that inspires me.
I am forceful but cautious as I decide.

Do I tremble here to be crushed or do I fly to be free?
My mind is lucid yet my vision seems blurred.

I am hindered by what society tells me to be and
So sadly I am trapped by what my heart has allowed me to feel.

Intoxicated by my thoughts and vindicated by my sins.
I am silenced by you.

I am haunted with visions of change.
I feel that I will betray who I am for you.

But it is this betrayal that I welcome because
I have secretly needed it.  I have yearned for it though many may not know.

To allow you to complete me destroys all that I thought I was, all that I built
Yet it fills me with joy to be normal again.

Do I stop being what I am and fall back into a dark closet ready to venture back out later?

Or do I progress on without you and remain here with my forbidden lover?


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