03/31/09 – LOVE IS

“Love is raw!  Love is powerful! Love is dangerous…

Love isn’t your partner abandoning you when you are alone and need them most.
Love isn’t the tear in your eye knowing that your partner has taken another in their arms.
Love isn’t knowing that your partner lied to you to tell another that they loved them.

Love isn’t confronting a partner about their infidelity and watching them let their  cowardice turn to anger.
Love isn’t hearing your partner yell at you when all you need is to talk about what is truly wrong with them.
Love isn’t the fear in your heart as your lover’s hands grip around your throat.

bruised neck
Love isn’t the pain in your head as the blows you take land one after another across your  face.
Love isn’t the pain you feel as a slap across the face from another who has taken everything that you are thus far.
Love isn’t lying to loved ones that you fell as your bruises and scars are finally revealed.
Love isn’t protecting the one who hurt you so many times because he’s only done it one time and promised to never hurt you again.
Love isn’t the plea for help you are screaming as you lock yourself in a bathroom lurking behind a shower curtain clutching your phone as you call 911.
Love isn’t the child that hides quietly as a mother’s evil partner searches for them both.
Love isn’t a little girl crying out as a man brutally rapes and beats her.
Love isn’t losing self-respect while a child is stealing from a parent with a abused drug habit…just to escape.
Love isn’t crying because the pain on your body is nothing in comparison to what you feel in your heart…
Love isn’t him saying sorry over and over for the shit he’s going to do again.
Love isn’t PAIN TO BE FELT BY SOMEONE reeking of alcohol, stained in blood, and bathed in tears…


But that’s just the thing…





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