01/13/08 – IN THE BELIEVER’S EYES (Writer’s Block Challenge)

I hope you enjoy the poem below.  It’s my Submission for Douleur’s blog contest.    This is my 2nd competition, the 1st one that I actually took seriously.  The following is a tale about my favorite toy as a kid in the form of prose.  

optimus prime


Everything that I wanted you to be, you were.  You were my friend, my buddy, and my pal. You were the first to listen to my endless list of goals and plans. My hopes and dreams were at the threshold of your ears. You comforted me in my sleep and guarded my dreams.

You were my little hero all the while being my curio.  We had the most fun when alone and often amongst others.  You belonged to me and no other was like you.  Jealous friends envied our fun together and your design while comtemplating ways to snatch you away.

To me, you were the World and to you I was a God-ess.  Funny how a child’s imagination is so vivid yet so untainted.  So innocent were we and special was our bond until the day I decided to move along.  I never forgot you and I am sure I was still somehow special to you.

I remembered you when you transformed from your normal self to something else.  One minute a simple truck and the next a leader of Auto-Bots.  Some said a girl should never admire something so brute.  But nonetheless what was true indeed was how I, the tomboy had admired you.

Although there were many others like you, your belonging to me made you so unique.  Your chrome, silver, blue and red skin under my frail hands made you feel.  The sounds of my voice lived within you and made you speak.  The expression of my face while in battle with Decepticons made you real.

So when I ever see you again I’ll remember how glorious those innocent times were.  I am enamored.  I am young again.  I am nostalgic.  I am with you.
My favorite toy, Optimus Prime…
You were more than meets the eye!



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